Chapter 1

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I'm your average student. Average grades, average looks, average skills. An average household, an average family, and average life.

Well, not so much of an average... crush. I had a huge crush on this guy called Sakai Mitsuki, who, let's just say, wasn't really the type girls would fall head over heels for.

He was quite a dork, and unlike most popular guys, who were athletes or players, he was part of the student council, and interested in being in a band.

On the way back from school to home, I would take a detour to go to their mini studio, listen to his guitar sing along with his voice.

Stunningly beautiful.

I had accidentally bumped into him a few weeks back, and apologised to him, a blushing and stuttering mess. He merely gave that heart-fluttering smile and forgiven me. And after that day, I'd gotten slightly more into him.

In our last year of school, our classes were allocated by the subjects we were taking. Checking my new class allocation at the start of the year, I was glad to see my hardwork paid off, placing me in the second best class of the year. Sure, I was a little disappointed, I couldn't get all the subjects I had wished for in my first choices, but it wasn't too big of a deal.

Well, it wasn't a big deal until I saw my crush walking into the best class on the first day of school.

I was sure happy for him, but I was just so close, so close to being in the same class as him!

Sitting in the back corner of the classroom, next to the corridors, I settled into my seat. At this moment, the head teacher of my level stepped into the class.

"[Y/N]? Is [Y/N] here?"

I hastily stood up, alerting the teacher of my presence.

"Ah, yes, I'm afraid we had your name mixed up with someone else, could you please gather your stuff and follow me?"

I hurriedly slung my backpack over my shoulder, one hand scooping up all the books on my table and shuffled out of the classroom, several pairs of eyes seemingly staring through my back.

To my delight, I had been shifted to the best class. Further more, the student council president had been shifted to the second best in the level instead. Everyone knew that she had bribed the council to get into her high ranking, and handpicked a select few to join the council with her.

To cover up that fact, she definitely picked out a few more responsible candidates. One of them was Mitsuki.

Some say she had a crush on Mitsuki. Well, 'some' isn't really right. Everyone knew, even the teachers. Yet, somehow, it seemed as if Mitsuki was oblivious to the fact.

She gave me a deep scowl as she passed by me.

Her, someone with so much power, so popular, so prim and proper. Then there was me, a normal student, with few friends, often looking slightly messy after a nice reading session while subconsciously playing with my hair and shifting positions. The difference was more obvious than day and night.

I avoided her gaze, and stepped into the 4A classroom. My eyes flicked up to scan the room for a free space. And almost instantaneously, my eyes had connected with Mitsuki's curious gaze.

I glanced away, glad that the back corner seat was free. I trudged along, settling back down. This class was surprisingly rowdy, so I was relieved that nobody would notice the growing heat across my face. I used the book I was reading to block my expression from anyone around me.

"Hey, fancy meeting you here."

I put down the book, a little hesitantly, recognising that all-too-familiar voice.

Those beautiful eyes were looking right at mine, and as if there was an electric shock, both of us looked away immediately.

"Hey, Mitsuki."

He didn't ask how I knew his name. Everybody knew him.

"And you are?"

"[Y/N], nice to meet you, again."

At those words, a warm smile spread across his face. An infectious one. I felt the muscles at the edges of my lips pull upwards too.

"Um, why did you want to talk to me...?"

Honestly, I was getting a little uncomfortable by some of my classmates' staring. I had a feeling something would be going badly later on.

"Just wanted to get to know you better. Most of the students in this class, I've been in the same class with before, or collaborated with them in one way or another for school work, but I've hardly had any interactions with you."

"Oh," I replied, a little shocked.

The others were beginning to murmur. I think what would have come next, if I was less wary and cautious, would be murder.

"Would you like to have lunch with me after school?"


I was definitely caught off guard with that question.

"I-I mean, of course, I wouldn't mind, but I'm sure you're busy, and besides, I'm sure you'd have closer friends to hang out with, yeah?"

Mitsuki smiled once more, as if having anticipated that question.

"I don't have any activities today, and I've made space in my schedule."

Oh God.

What an honour.

What a wonderful dream I must be in.

What a nightmare later will be.

"Th-Then, I suppose so..."

For a moment, I stared back up at his now retreating figure as he returned to his seat before the teacher's desk for class.

And perhaps it was a trick of the light, but I could have sworn I saw a tuft of fur, protruding slightly from his hair, twitch.

I blinked.

And it was gone.

No, I must've been hallucinating.

The murmur that had turned into heated, audible whispers were instantly silenced upon the entrance of the teacher who took her post at the front of the class to begin the lesson.

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