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(Five Years Earlier)

"Emma! Please don't play out in the storm! It's dangerous!" Emma heard her mom call from inside the house. The sound of the storm making her voice muffled.

"Okay Mom! I'll be in in five minutes" She answered back to which she got no response.

Shrugging it off, Emma looked up as the pouring rain hit her face, wetting her long, dark, eyelashes, her chocolate brown hair turning a darker shade from the rain. Thunder clapped in the background, and huge bolts of lighting proceeded from the sky. The wind blew at full force, almost knocking the 4'8" girl over.

Then she saw it, the most beautiful puddle there ever was! Running to it, Emma jumped in it excitedly. The water splashed up hitting her jeans and soaking her. She ran around a bit more, until she heard her mom calling her name again. The wind and rain was so strong she could barely see in front of her. Not knowing which way to go, Emma headed towards where she thought she heard her mother's voice.

Then it happened. White. Everything was white. She heard her mom scream in terror. She heard the thunder clap behind her. Then came the pain. A searing, stabbing, pain ignited in her body covering her from head to toe. She wanted to scream for help but she couldn't. She was trapped. The pain went away as fast as it came and was replaced with a dull ache.

Eventually Emma grew tired, and everything went black.


"I don't know how, but she lived." Emma woke up to hear a voice say "She is showing major fluctuations in heart rate, and there is the matter of her hair changing color."

Emma finally opened her eyes to see a white room, filled with her parents and what looked like a doctor. She looked down at herself, scanning for any major injuries, nothing. That was when she caught a glimpse of her hair. The once brown locks turned into blonde ones. A gasp left her lips, causing all eyes to turn towards her.

After the doctor carefully explained to the 10 year old that she had been struck by lightning, they ran a few tests to see if she was able to leave. every test came back good, so they signed Emma out and headed home.

The next few weeks were nothing special for Emma. She went to school and did everything like she usually would. But then things started changing. She felt stronger, faster, and even smarter.

One day, Emma and her mom were arguing. It got heated fast, and Emma threw her hands up in anger sending an electric bolt to the lamp, causing it to blow up.

Emma had superpowers. But instead of using them her parents told her to hide them, not wanting her to get tested on like a lab rat. Her father, luckily, was a scientist and he made it his mission to teach Emma how to use them, and when to control them.

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