Chapter 8 (Ark 2, The Cursed Island)

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Leaf and Serena watches as the three of them hurry over to the witch house and knocks on the door. 

Then they hide, almost like they don't want to be found.

Leaf: what is this? they act like they don't want to work together with that witch. 

Then out comes the witch, she seems angered that her work is interupted. But it seems worse because she sees no one when coming out. 

Miriam: Where are you?! 

She walks a little from her house until.

The three: Booh! 

Miriam jumps and turns around to see the three henchmen laughing. 

The first man: Miriam, The Count has sent us to collect The Golden Tiger. The one that you are protecting.

Miriam: It is gone, but i shall...

The second man: Gone? oh the sad Jones of the Locker.

The three appear to be acting either very good or very bad, Leaf and Serena fails to agree on one.

The woman: You naughty sorceress, have your brain cells been delayed?! 

The second man: The Count will personally end your career.

The first man: and no one will let a tear go for you.

The three begin to make their way towards the castle, but Miriam has reached a breaking point. She rises her staff making the snake eyes turn red, then she fires a beam of red lightning at the three henchmen.

A small explosion appears, and causes the three to stop in their tracks while seeming to know that they did a mistake.

The second man: uuh, with a bit of after thought, i think we will of course listen to you hehe.

Serena: is it just me or is this island full of idiots? 

Leaf: i think you are right about that. 


Up on top of the castle appears someone, he is difficult to see. But his eyes glow as he stands there. 

The three henchmen bow down to him.

The first man: The Sorceress has failed in bringing over The Golden Tiger Count! 

The man looks not to be very happy. His ice cold stare scares both Leaf and Serena. 

The Count: Don't let her get away! I want her over here now! 

The henchmen nods and walks over to Miriam who seems either frightened or very mad. 

Leaf and Serena watches Miriam be pushed towards the castle, The Count has left the top of his castle. 

Then the door opens and out comes the man himself. 

He looks kinda old but still capable to do things, he is wearing a grey trench coat with a green shirt underneath, a black belt and grey hair. His eyes are black and showing no emotion.

The Count walks out towards his henchmen. 

Leaf: Serena, we have to do something. 

Serena: what are you talking about? she took a chest from us.

Leaf: Serena, look at it. She is treated as an enemy by her own people! She might get killed on a false guilt! 

The Count: Grab her immediately! 

The three henchmen are quick to grab what they can from her, first her book and then her staff. Effectively making her powerless. 

The first man: This you are going to regret Miriam, you faithless witch! 

The man has a sword raised, ideal for cutting people down. 

Leaf: i can't watch this! 

Without caring about Serena's protest, Leaf sprints towards them.

Leaf: Let Miriam live you madman! 

She manages to push the man from Miriam, yet she fails to do anything noteworthy as the second man simply holds her. 

The first man once again raises his sword and walks towards Miriam.

Miriam covers her eyes.

But then.

The Count: Stop, Lucifer. I have a worse punishment for this false sorceress. 

Lucifer sheats his sword and walks back.

The woman: Ah the witch did the fatal mistake of not paying enough attention to The Golden Tiger, your most valued posetion Count. 

She hands him Miriam's black book, he simply looks on it with doubt. 

Lucifer: The Count will punish you severly Miriam of Gral!

Miriam goes on her knees and begs him.

Miriam: i beg you Count, please give me another chance!

The Count: Too late Miriam. Here on the island of Gral, is it my will that means something! 

He takes her staff in his hand while Leaf tries to escape her captor.

The Count: I, am going to curse you! 

Leaf: No let her go! It isn't her fault, that Captain Kyohei has taken The Golden Tiger on board of his ship! 

Leaf's words causes the henchmen plus The Count to look at her. The count however doesn't spare her more seconds.

Lucifer: aha, did you hear that Miriam? that because of you, a pitiful pirate stole The Count's most valued possesion? 

The Count: You, shall not be allowed to be using your magical powers! 

He points the staff at her, and with another BAM, She has changed appearance. Leaf watches in horror as the sorceress turns to a old hag. 

She rises up.

Miriam: a sorceress will always be a sorceress! 

Her words simply causes the Count and his henchmen to laugh.

The Count: A tree, will always be a tree. but now, there we have a tree, but it does not bloom. Simply because it lacks the power to do so. And the same way shall you wither. From now on shall you walk around as a old powerless hag, without the ability to use your magical powers to help yourself. 

His words become more angry as he reaches the last ones.

The Count: From now on! Shall you be everyone's Servant!

The second man finally releases Leaf who takes Miriam with her away from The Count and his mindless men. 

The Count: what, has gone about the two prisoners?

The woman and the second man runs inside the castle to get them.

Lucifer: they have had a drink of your sorcery cup Count. Hehe, they are as hungry as some starved hounds.

The Count. hmm, they are valuable resources in my hands. 

He at first laughs, until he exposes some huge rage.

The Count: Captain Kyohei, has trampled into my palaces, I'm going to crush him! Crush him like a Fly! 

Lucifer: and what of The Golden Tiger Count? 

The Count: that, will be brought back to me, and then i will trick every single member of his crew to become my willess slaves.

He has leaned close to Lucifer who is almost backing from him.

Lucifer: a.and for the captain himself, what shall become of him? 

The Count: all in good time Lucifer. 

Wrapping up yet another chapter of The Cursed Island Ark. 

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