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After an excruciatingly long lunch with Harry, Louis, and Eloise that also consisted of a group of employees singing Happy Birthday to me, I felt freedom ringing the moment I stepped outside.

Harry followed me towards my car with Eloise in his arms, and Louis was heading in the opposite direction. I didn't know what to say so I decided not to say anything at all as we walked, and when we finally reached my car, Harry put Eloise in her seat before turning towards me and saying, "Why didn't you tell me today was your birthday?"

I shrugged, "It must have slipped my mind." It kind of did, but it was mostly because I let it on purpose. When Harry rolled his eyes I felt a little annoyed, "Why does it matter? It's just another day."

He sighed, "I would have accommodated for you to take the day off, at least."

Though I appreciated the idea of having a random day off in the middle of the week, which honestly sounded great, it just wasn't really necessary. I was content with going out to get a phone case and then getting lunch, and despite the day not really going how I planned for it too, I wasn't surprised nor was I let down by how it ended up being.

Even when a group of strangers sang to me in front of a room full of people.

"It's fine Harry, really." I tried to assure him, "I don't really celebrate my birthday anyway, so it isn't a big deal."


I shook my head and stopped Harry before he could argue more with me about it, "No, I'm fine with not doing anything for my birthday, okay?" He remained silent, and I continued, "I don't want to celebrate the fact that I'm another year older, and I don't want anyone else to make a big deal out of it." I tried not sounding like a bitch at the start, but it inevitably happened anyway due to my passionate feelings towards this day. Not only was I another year closer to my thirties, but I was also still living a somewhat mundane life with very few surprises. Sure I had Harry and Eloise, which did make my life significantly more interesting and appealing, but I wanted more from it. I needed more to happen, and I was afraid that I was going to lost my zest for life before anything life changing could happen.

"Fine." Harry said, and he leaned back into the car to say goodbye to his daughter before leaving to go back to work. I felt my stomach twist up from the sting of guilt after coming off as hateful towards him, but I couldn't bring myself to back track my own words since they were the truth. I felt like I already said too much and did too much here today with Harry so I kept my mouth shut, that is until Harry said goodbye to me.

I bit my lip and nodded once, unsure of whether or not it would be appropriate to wrap my arms around him and kiss him like before.

"Have a good day at work." I blurted out when I couldn't decide on what the right thing to say was, and Harry simply nodded his head once at me before walking in the opposite direction. His office actually wasn't too far away from here which was good for him since he was allegedly already running late, but I'm sure that Harry could charm his way out of any bad situation that he could get into. He was renowned around the area for his work so I'm sure that being late wouldn't tarnish his reputation in any way, but would him being seen with me do just that?

I had no idea if the general public knew of Harry and his divorce, or the fact that he hired me as a nursemaid to help take care of his daughter, but I definitely didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Despite us crossing some lines that we shouldn't have during our time together here recently, we were still able to put our feelings and personal problems aside so that we could do right by Eloise and meet her needs. At the end of the day we always knew that she was the top priority for the both of us, or for as long as I remained employed with the family of two, but even after I would still always care for her and want the best for her.

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