Let's get this Party Started!!

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Lily and I got to Cindy's houses and all I saw was keggers, stupid people, red cups, and makeouts everywhere you turned. Her house was a mansion Literally. Cindy's house:

"Maya I am gonna try to find Liam

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"Maya I am gonna try to find Liam. See if I can make a move on him. I'll see you later and if I leave with him do you mind going home alone." Lily said as soon as we walked in the house. I replied with a simple okay and saw her leave searching for him as if she is trying to find waldo in a book, closely and eagerly. I was left alone with my thoughts so while she was searching I went and grabbed a random cup from the counter that was filled with different types of liquor. It tasted weird but oh well what could I do.

At a party there are different types of people, there are social people, they talk to everyone at the party even if they don't know them. Another type is the competitive people, they do the beer pong and the handstand on the keggers and stuff like that. Next, we have the horny people, they are there for like a second, and then the next minute they are doing "it" with a guy in the dinning room of the house - can't even wait to get a room. After that we have the wild party dancers, they dance the whole night and don't stop for anything not even to pee. THEN...there's me the one who just grabs a drink and walks around and sit usually outside and observe these species I call classmates. I call myself the Eyes of the party. Usually, I am alone when I do this because Lily is all of the above, she does all things, surprisingly.

All of a sudden I felt eyes on me and not just the "I think she looks good, like a checkout." It felt like they were observing like an animal in the zoo. I am the only one that does that so then I got curious and started to look around. And then I saw the one person that I wouldn't have guessed, Liam. He was there staring at me from afar and observing me, and to be honest, I like it. Now I am not lonely after all. While I was thinking, I stared off into the abyss and when I was done thinking, I look back to where he was and he was gone. Then I felt his hand on my back and he said very sarcastically and arrogantly, "Hey. Who are you looking for? Is it me?" I jumped a little and he chuckled and said "I don't bite I swear" and put his pinkie in the air as if we were going to pinkie swear. So I decided to take my pinkie and wrap it around his and he smiled. I said," Promise?" He replied, " Promise." I said raising the famously know red cup in the air and screamed, "Let's get this party started!!" Everyone outside yelled yeah and Liam laughed.

Liam and I were walking around the house talking, observing, making jokes, and just having a good time and I haven't had a good time in a long time. We started to get bored so we found a super pack of sticky notes and 3 sharpies and started to put nicknames we made up. We marked almost everyone and one has noticed, which is funny. We laughed and I got a bit drunk and Lily was still looking for Liam but in that instant, I didn't care. This is the best party I've been to which is weird for me because I hate these parties because what is the point of them. Maybe it's not the party that's better, maybe it's the person I am with.

Liam and I went up to the third floor for some peace and quiet. We got into the room and just sat on the bed and just started to talk seriously, and then I asked him, "Hey so who are you?" And he looks at me and gave me a face. I said "I don't know who you are or who you were. I'm just curious." "It doesn't matter who I was, I'm a new person by here with a clean slate. I want to keep it that way. All that matters is what is in front of me," he said as he moved a strand of my hair out of my face. Then he smiled and all I could do is get red and chuckle. Then he said," How about you tell me about you?" And then I got a very serious face and I wanted to change the subject and he could tell so then he said no to worry and that he doesn't need to know. Then we started to talk about shows and movies and I love the show 'the society' and he said he had never seen it. So I got my phone and put on Netflix and started to watch "the society". After the first episode, he was all into it.

Then I was telling him that he should talk to Lily and that she was cool. I guess I did that because I felt guilty taking him away from Lily tonight, I mean I could have told Lily that I found him but I didn't want to. Then after that, we started to talk about what we want to do with our lives and what are our dreams. Since we kind of got deep with each other we then just started to look and stare at each other, I don't know why. Then he looked at me and started to lean in and I leaned in and we started to kiss, it felt so amazing, I can't really explain it. It got more intense and we went from kissing to making out. He kissed me with so much passion and then he started to kiss me on my neck and gave me a hickey. Then I grabbed his shirt and took it off, he smirked and told me that it's not fair so I unzipped my crop top and I was left in this lace bra and he went wild. He started to kiss my neck again and was kissing me and went down all the way to were my leather pants. He then pulled them off and he saw my cute and lacy cheeky underwear that match my bra. So then I unbutton his pants and he took it off. Then I heard footsteps but I didn't care because I was so into Liam.

Then I heard the door open and a big scream. Liam gets off me and I see Lily at the door and crying. I screamed that it didn't look like it does but come on it does look likes what it is. I felt like I just sticked a dagger in my heart. I then said repeatedly that I was sorry and it wasn't my intention. She left crying and I put on my clothes and ran after her while Liam was putting on his clothes calling my name. I couldn't catch up to Lily but I called an Uber and Liam came outside where I was and asked what was wrong. "Maya, what happened? I don't understand, please tell me," Liam said frantically. I was so scared that I broke down and Liam started to get close to give me a hug and I pushed him away as hard as I could. While pushing him away I scream while crying, " Lily is my best friend and she likes you and she just saw me with you. I betrayed her and I don't know if she will forgive me!" "Maya I'm so sorry but I didn't..." Liam said but I interrupted him and told him to fuck off. The Uber came and he kept on saying sorry and I ignored him and left. I called Lily on my way to my apartment and it went straight to voicemail and I left her a voicemail that said, " I'm so sorry please answer me. I'm sorry it wasn't my intention!"


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