Chapter 15

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Hand in hand, Benji and Haley walked down the corridors, their eyes not meeting. Something inside him really didn't want to be there. Skin showed all up her arms and legs, making it an exceedingly exposing dress. Benji also noted that she made sure to adjust her cleavage every minute. It made him squirm. Out of al the girls, she was definitely one to try the hardest at sex appeal.

"So..." Benji said, doing his best to look anywhere but at Haley. "What do you want to do?" It was clear what her intentions were, but the boy just hoped she wouldn't ask right out.

"How about a movie? We'd be alone that way." Haley rubbed her shoulder on Benji, so close it was hard to breathe. He nodded yes unwillingly, the crown on his head shifting.

Of course, somewhere dark that we'd be alone in.

Reluctantly, the boy walked alongside her, inhaling her strong perfume that smelt mostly of vanilla. Benji hated vanilla.

After a few awkward minutes that included Haley attempting to lure Benji with her breasts, they got the movie in. It was a romantic comedy, nothing special. The palace was fortunate to not only come with a full fledged movie theatre, but also a collection of half-decent movies. The two watched for a bit, with Haley grabbing Benji's hand who wouldn't  grab back.

It must have been halfway through the movie, and Haley was getting impatient. Benji didn't make a single move, he didn't want to lead her on sexually. The movie was in a slow scene, the romantic pair were slow dancing to quiet music. It was peaceful for Benji, until Haley started running her arm up his thigh. She started with slow movements, then picked up speed, putting her lips to his neck and sucking on it. He knew it would leave at least a small mark. As uncomfortable as Benji was, he couldn't deny that it felt good. He let out a small moan, but instantly regretted it. She picked her body up and sat on Benji's lap, her legs spread to meet his hips. She continued her kisses up to his lips, doing most of the work. He put up with it for a moment, but pushed her off after not kissing back.

"What? Is that it?" She asked, almost offended. "Am I not appealing to you?" She got off, standing up in front of Benji.

"N-no, it's not that, I just don't feel compfortable doing that."

"Look, if there's none of this-" she made a gesture with her hands. "-between us, then there's no reason for me to be here." She started walking off, clearly upset.

"Haley, wait-"

"No, Benji. I'm not going to sit here and just be your trophy wife with nothing in return. That's not the kind of life I want. And at least I can chose what life I want." She snapped, shuttling the theatre door behind her.

Who was I kidding, this isn't going to work.

Benji sighed to himself and shut off the movie, returning back to his room. It was getting too late to try to find Jorge, and he hoped the other boy wasn't waiting for him. But Benji was tired, and he knew the more they 'hung out' the more likely they were to get caught. It wasn't a risk he wanted to take.

The palace was quiet, with only a few footsteps from above him being audible. It was pitch dark outside, and the only light came from candles anchored to the walls every so often. The brown haired prince made it to his quarters, met by two maids who Benji sent off immediately. When he entered the bathroom, the first thing he noticed was the purple patch on his neck. He couldn't deny it was noticeable. Tomorrow was defiantly a turtleneck day.

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