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"you are a big baby, you know that?" darryl said as he gently pushed zak off his bed.

"i am not!" zak laughed as he got back on his bed.

"says the one who cried for a week!" darryl shot back as he messed with zak's already messy hair.

"hey, i thought you hated me," zak said before realizing something, "oh yeah, vincent got mad at me and i think he hates me"

"what happened?" darryl asked curiously.

"well, uh. on monday he said that he was tired of being there to cover me or something," zak said quietly, "i feel like i have been a burden to him all the time and stopping him from doing what he likes."

"hey, you are not a burden! i bet he had a reason to be feeling like that," darryl put an arm around zak's shoulders before continuing, "remember he said he was going through some personal issues and he was really stressed?"

"i don't remember that?" zak knew vincent didn't tell him that

"oh. well he told me that," darryl said before dramatically gasping, "he also told me to not tell you! it all makes sense."

"oh," zak said.

"you should probably talk to him, i'm sure he is better now," darryl said, "and today is his birthday."

"yeah..." that's all zak said.

why would he not tell me when he was my friend? zak thought.

darryl watched as zak reached for his phone and opened up to his messages.

〈                                    vincent 😔💕

Today 4:36 AM

happy birthday 💕
could we talk?

thank you zak
and yes we can
do you want to join ts?

yes, i'll get online rn
Read 4:37 AM

zak was red from how his anxiety leveled up at the thought of vincent hating him. darryl just laughed.

"see? you are a big baby!" darryl said, "do you always give hearts to all of your contacts?"

zak blushed red as he tried to hit darryl but missed.

"i only give hearts to the people i care about," zak said.

"okay, you do give hearts to all of your contacts," darryl repeated.

"whatever!" zak answered and got on his computer to be moved to a6d's server.

"hi, skeppy. are you there?" vincent's voice could be loudly heard from the computer, making zak flinch.

"hey, y-yeah, i'm here. happy birthday." zak stuttered out as he heard darryl giggle behind him.

"thank you. what did you want to talk about?" vincent sounded more relaxed this time which zak was glad for.

"i just wanted to say sorry for being moody that day," zak said, not sure if he said his sentence right.

"no, skeppy, you weren't moody. i should be the one sorry," vincent paused before continuing, "i wasn't in the best state and i had some problems at home so i treated you badly."


"i was scared to text you right after because i thought you hated me," vincent said.

"no, no. i wasn't mad at all. i thought you actually didn't want to talk to me anymore."

zak and vincent seemed to keep talking right after. they had missed a lot of stuff with each other. the seconds turned into long minutes of chatter as darryl just listened and at some point he joined in.

it got later at night that the sun was ready to rise up to wake his neighbors.

"hey, it's already 5 in the morning, i should probably go," zak said as he glanced at the time on his computer.

"oh yeah, timezones," vincent chuckled.

"yeah... have a good birthday, okay?" zak said before disconnecting.

zak sighed and looked at darryl who was smiling on his bed.

"that didn't go so bad, now did it, muffin?"

"it was so awkward and very weird i didn'tknowwhattosay!" zak started crying from the little stress he had from the conversation.

darryl reached out and hugged zak's smaller body once again.

"at least, you two are going to talk more, aren't you?" darryl said as he pat zak's head, "shh, stop being a big baby again, or else i'll have to call a babysitter for you."

"hey!" zak finally got a hit on darryl as he began laughing.

"wow, i can really change your mood so quickly," darryl said while grinning at zak.

"don't be mean! i am supposed to be the mean one, not you." zak glared at darryl.

"okay, okay. it's just so easy to make you all soft in real life."

"you idot, i am not soft!" zak started yelling as the sun came through the curtains of his room and let him know that it was already time to wake up.

"well, i am tired, it's 6 now?" darryl looked at the curtains for a long second, "you should sleep, i bet you haven't slept in a while."

"i actually woke up late at night because i was hungry?" zak questioned more than stated.

"i'll order some food for you, don't worry," darryl said as he immediately pulled out his phone.

"you don't have to..? i don't feel hungry now," zak was trying to avoid food for today but he failed as darryl had already opened up uber eats and was searching for anything open.

"too bad, look how skinny you are! i feel like you should eat more." darryl was concerned about his friend's health when he had inspected him earlier.

"it's okay, i can just go to sleep and i'll eat later," zak tried to convince darryl, "you should also go home, you have been here for too long."

"no," darryl saw that chick-fil-a was opened and he ordered the food. "if anything, i will sleep here because the drive back home is too far."

"ok, whatever."


ok time to sleep it is 5 am goodnite ily guys

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