Let's Change Things Up In This Town Part 2

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Chapter 1

*Ryleigh's Point of View*

We stepped off the plane and walked down the long terminal towards the main building. This was my first plane ride ever and I felt like I was walking my way into a prison cell. I already missed my home and I was hugging my small carry-on bag like no one's business.

My dad gave me a reassuring look before we gathered our bags quickly and headed outside where a cab met us (since we know longer had a car).

"Dad where are we going?" I asked my dad as we turned onto a small rode that led deep into the woods.

"Pumpkin. Sarah is meeting me at the school to give me a ride home." My dad explained.

I looked out the window to see the path grow wider and the trees to be in a perfect line all down the long dirt rode. The branches of the trees grew tall and "connected" in the middle at the top to form a sort of canaopy overhead. It was beautiful.

Through the trees, you could faintly see another path, and then a clearing where a sort of field was in view. There were kids on the field, playing football, reading. It looked like something you would see at college but way more peaceful.

** Path to the school: http://nyyc.org/gui/nyyc1/sailingevents/adam-jones-moss-covered-plantation-trees-charleston-south-carolina-usa.jpg

small path and field: http://image44.webshots.com/44/7/39/71/319573971GOBFRK_ph.jpg

The cab parked and I stepped out, to almost get pounded by a football. I looked up to see a guy running out. I bent down to pick up the football. As I held the football he ran over and said hey.

"Hey...I'm Nicholas. Can I have the football back?" He asked like he dispised me.

I grinned at him and saw his buddy peering at us. So I stepped back and threw the football the long distance to his friend.

"Sure no problem." I said with a big grin on my face.

He gave me a look and then ran off only to return to his friend who was histerically laughing at him and almost dying on the ground.

"Oh there's Sarah." I heard my dad say.

I looked over and saw a red hybrid pull up and a young girl bound out and over to my dad, who picked her up and swung her around.

I looked at the admiring. I missed when my daddid that to me.

"Ryleigh, come meet your new sister Lauren Ashley." My dad says to me pulling me out of my childhood memories.

"Hey Lauren Ashley. I say sweetly. I'm going to give you a nickname ok?" I say to her.

She looks at me with a gleam in her eye and a wide smile. I've won my new sister over. "What is it?" She asked.

"Star." I say, like I've said it to her for the past three years.

"Why star?" She asked.

"Well...Lauren Ashley, could easily be L.A. but I went further than that. Movie stars are in L.A. so here we go... Star." I say like it took me 5 hours to think of it.

She smiles and comes and gives me a big hug. Then my new mom comes to say hi to me, but before she gives me a hug, she hands me some keys...

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