100% Perfect

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100% Perfect

*9 Months Earlier*

“We need to improve the human race.” McLean said. “Murderers.Child abusers. They’re out there. But what if we made one perfect human?” Everyone in the dull conference room looked around at each other. What was he talking about? “Sir.” One of the men from China said. “That’s not possible.” McLean simply chuckled. “It is with science.” He said.

The baby in my arms did not cry. It simply stared up at me, eyes almost inhuman. It cocked its head to the side, causing me to jump. Not what normal babies did. “Stephanie.” One of the other scientists, Gordon, came in. I looked at him, then at the baby. The child had round, blue eyes and fuzzy blonde hair. “She’s perfect, isn’t she?” Gordon said. “Wasn’t that the point of this experiment? To see if we could make a human with no imperfections whatsoever?” I said with disgust. Not towards the child. It was not her fault she had her genes messed with. It was not her fault she couldn’t get sick, couldn’t get a bruise, a cut, a scab. She would probably never feel emotional pain either. “Stephanie, you know I do not agree with the experiment either.” “Well no duh. The government is probably going to use the baby as some weapon towards war.” “She has a name.” “If specimen 422 is considered a name, then yes. She does.” I said in retort. “Bailey.” Gordon said, and he left the room.

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