Chapter 27

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Author's Note: I'm back! Sorry for the delay, I am now back to my usual schedule.

This is kind of a filler chapter to move the story along a little. Enjoy :)


Sunday 15th of April

"Let's go then." Brittany said as she locked the front door and took Santana's hand in hers.

The girls had spent the whole weekend inside and needed some fresh air. They decided to go for a walk in the park.

They started down the pathway to the park. "I'm so excited for summer. When school is over we can spend loads of time outside." Brittany enthused.

"Yeah me too, we can go swimming, have picnics, go to the beach and sunbathe." Santana agreed.

Santana usually spent summer alone, Quinn often went on vacation away with her family, leaving Santana at home without her best friend. This year though Santana was excited. She could spend time with the glee club and some of the Cheerios but mainly she was excited to spend time with Brittany. Quinn wasn't going on vacation this year either so the unholy trinity could go out together.

"Not long now. We've got a few more months of school and then we can relax." Brittany stated. "At least we have prom next month to look forward too. I'm on the committee and we have almost settled on a theme."

Santana smiled. She was excited to go to a school dance with her girlfriend rather than a boyfriend or just with Quinn like she had previously done.

Brittany caught her eye and smiled back, she swung their arms and  hands and began to skip. Santana just giggled and walked next to her.


Once they got to the park, they decided to continue walking around.

Santana felt a few drops of rain. "B, it's starting to rain, do you want to head back?" She asked.

"No it's fine, it's only a light drizzle." Brittany answered with a smile. "In fact it's more like a refreshing mist!"

Santana laughed at her girlfriend and continued to walk.

The rain continued to pour and began getting heavier. "Britt, it's really raining now." Santana announced. They ran under a tree for shelter but it didn't help much.

"Well we're too far from home and we didn't bring coats so I guess we will just have to embrace it." Brittany said with a shrug.

Brittany stepped from under the tree and held her hands out. She looked up the sky and smiled. The rain covered her and soaked through her clothing. Her hair was a mess but she was having fun. She began to dance in the rain.

"Come on!" Brittany called. Santana was a little more reluctant to be out in the rain.

Brittany walked over to the brunette and pulled her by the hands out into the rain. They danced together for a little bit, enjoying the liberal feeling.

Santana looked up and made eye contact with the blonde.

"I've always wanted to kiss you in the rain." Brittany whispered softly. She leaned in and joint them together in a kiss. Their mouths moulded together as rain dripped through their hair and ran off their noses. They both pulled away with a smile.

"Come on, let's go home." Brittany suggested. She took Santana by the hand and lead her back through the park.


By the time Brittany unlocked the door, the girls were dripping wet. Their clothes were completely soaked though.

They stumbled through the front door and took off their shoes. They laid them out to dry and stood there in the hallway looking the other one over.

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