Chapter 13

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"Shit shit shit" Benji muttered under his breath, scrambling himself together. A bell was sounding all around the castle, signaling it was midnight. The entire palace goes into lockdown for safety at that time. Benji couldn't deny the fact that at least one person was looking for him. He was the only prince in the palace, so he wouldn't be surprised. The two boys were sat on the chair-couch like thing, with Jorge on his lap. They weren't sure how long the makeout session went on for, but it couldn't have been short. Jorge pouted, realizing they both had to go.

"Here, you go first, and I'll leave a few minutes after so it doesn't look like anything." Benji said as Jorge stood up from his grasp. Noticing his disappointed expression, Benji got up as well, rubbing his hand on the other boy's shoulder. It was even darker at this point, they could really only make out their silhouettes. "Look I'm sorry I just can't-"

"Right, no, I know. Just promise this isn't a one time thing." Jorge pleaded, looking up at the prince who looked even more scruffier than normal.

"I promise." And that was all he needed. After lifting his arm into a swift wave, Jorge headed down the stairs, a bounce in his step that wasn't normally there. Benji, on the other hand, fell back into the chair with his head in his hands. He groaned, just thinking about the shitty situation he just put himself in. Sure, it was awesome, he was awesome, but it didn't just wash away the five, now three girls he had to deal with. Benji's hands moved to his hair, pulling on it and resting his elbows on his knees.

The only thing he was sure about was that finding a wife would be a whole lot harder.

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