The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 6

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"So don't bother commenting on things that don't concern you."

I really regretted what I had said and hearing that her mother hit her did nothing to improve my mood. I wanted to hug her and hold her. I wanted to promise her that no-one would ever touch her without her permission again. Instead of giving her any hint of what I was feeling, I glared at her.

Annie scoffed and walked away. As she turned the corner, I could have sworn I heard a stifled sob.


How could he do that to me? It had been going so well; gorgeous werewolf saves my life, then stops his best friend trying it on and then kisses me. Suppose it had been too good to be true.

I could have handled him telling me that he didn't want a relationship. I could have handled him calling me all of the names under the sun. But he had brought my family into the reasons why he didn't want me. I couldn't believe, after all of this time, that my dad was still running my life. And as for that thing about my mum...I wasn't even going to there. How fucking dare he say something about her? What the fuck did he know about it. He had never had to do anything close to what I've had to do. It was alright for him; living in that comfy big house with my dad. I never had that luxury or the choice.

I stormed along the pavement, ignoring Cal's shouts. I wasn't ever going to speak to him again. I had let him in. I had kissed him! I felt like ripping out my heart and stamping on it to prevent any further reckless decisions. It felt like God was laughing at my stupidity.

I wasn't sure how I was going to get back to the house. I could've walked but it was cold and I really didn't think going into an enclosed space with nearly a dozen people who could tell what I was thinking. I rubbed my head. Everything was such a mess. I had come here to start up afresh and all I had succeeded in doing was nearly getting killed, breaking a friendship and having my heart smooshed by someone I thought gave a shit.

What had he said? My dad wouldn't like me being in a relationship with him. I wanted to laugh to myself. I wanted to sit down and laugh hysterically, because I couldn't even muster anymore tears to cry. And I was fed up having my life run my an unfortunate curse that didn't even directly affect me!

"Annie!" Cal shouted, running up behind me. "Annie, you don't even know where you're going."

I kept walking. Anywhere that was far away from him was good enough for me. I would walk until he fucked off and left me alone to mope. I had given I had allowed myself to care about him and he had thrown that right back in my face! Was I being selfish? What about him? I wasn't the one who had lead someone on; I had been nothing but truthful about wanting to be with him.

"Annie, just talk to me," he pleaded. I relented and stopped, only because I wanted him to stop annoying me.

"Take me home," I said simply. "Now."

Cal nodded and offered me his hand. I would have laughed in his face had I not been so determined not to look at him. I knocked it away and began to walk.

"You're going the wrong way."

I looked up to the sky.

You and me have got issues, I told God, before turning and going the opposite direction. I walked fast, so that Cal had to keep up his pace. If he thought that I was going to forgive him, he had another thing coming. He had just finished telling me that he didn't want anything to do with me and now he thought that he could take it all back? Life didn't work like that.

We reached the car, the atmosphere frostier than the ground. I wrenched open my door, got in and then slammed it shut, so hard that I managed to rock the car. Cal waited for me to put on my seatbelt before opening his own door, apparently scared that I would get out again. He was perfectly safe; I welcomed the warmth that came with the car.

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