The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 6

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It felt so good kissing her. She had her arms around my neck and I had my hands around her waist. My wolf was going mad; Annie was the first person I'd kissed since my birthday. And yet...

Part of me knew that I couldn't be with her. I knew that, as soon as my mate came along, I would break Annie's heart and then there would be trouble; something told me that Annie wasn't the type of person to take rejection well. And then there was Gordon; if he only knew that I was standing here, kissing his daughter. He would probably kill me. I had to be responsible; for my sake, more than anything.

I pulled away from Annie.

She looked up at me and for a moment, I thought she had heard what I'd been thinking. But then she shot me a quizzical look, and I knew that I'd just been imagining it.

"What?" she asked.

Don't sound like an ass, Cal.

"We can't do this," I muttered, backing away from her. Annie's eyes narrowed and she crossed her arms defensively.

"What?" she repeated.

"Annie, do you know what would happen if your dad found out?" I said, trying to sound reasonable. "He's probably castrate me and serve my balls up for dinner."

Annie clicked her tongue and tore her eyes away from my gaze. I tried to hear what she was thinking but it was completely blank.

"So that's it?" she whispered. " games with me all morning, and then you leave me high and dry?"

"Annie, you know it's not like that-"

"And what is it like, Cal?" she exploded, her head snapping up. Her cheeks were flushing a pale pink colour and she was wearing a glare that put all others to shame. "You lot are so...terrified of my dad that you just give everything up!"

Everything was going so wrong so quickly. Words and sentences seemed to be coming out of my mouth before I could think them over.

"Annie, please," I murmured, "just see it from my point of view."

"Your point of view?" she shouted. "What about mine? I didn't think you were as selfish as you said you were but I suppose I just read it completely wrong!"

She turned and began to walk away. I jogged after her, grabbing her arm. She spun around, a mutinous look on her face. My grip loosened and my hand fell to my side.

"Your just the same as my dad," she whispered, her voice suspiciously thick. "When the going gets tough, you all just fuck off and let others pick up the pieces."

Her words stabbed me in the chest, each insult twisting the dagger even more. She was upset and I couldn't blame her but I wasn't prepared to just sit back and take it lying down.

"So you're comparing me to your dad, who left you pick up your slag of a mother?" I snapped. Annie looked like I had just slapped her. Her eyes looked glassy and she was pursing her lips.

"Did you think that your brothers hadn't talked?" I asked her. I surprised myself with the cruelty in my voice. "Did you not think we knew the reason why Gordon's so bitter?"

Annie shook her head, taking deep, shuddering breaths. She was looking everywhere but my face.

"You know nothing," she breathed. "Slag? She could barely stay sober enough to go down to the shop. Do you know what she did when she ran out of booze? She slapped me. Whatever came to hand, she would batter me with it.She's not a slag; call her anything, but not a slag. She's a drunk and crap mum.And you know why she's a drunk? Because that bastard left us.

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