Twenty Six

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Before I start I want to dedicate this chapter to some amazing readers that follow the update account on Instagram

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Before I start I want to dedicate this chapter to some amazing readers that follow the update account on Instagram. I believe I have talked to every single one on dm and y'all are so sweet and beautiful I love y'all so much and you guys make me happy.

So this chapter is dedicated to:

Anyways enjoy!

"Muñeca, I'm sorry." He said for the thousandth time, we were already home and I parked the car in the garage. He apologized again and I couldn't help it. I leaned my head on the steering wheel and I started crying, I couldn't take it anymore. "Am I not good enough? Is that why you you were kissing her? Are you upset that I'm pregnant and I don't want to have sex anymore? Did you just want my body this whole time? Do you even love me?" I cried, "Of course I love you." He said sadly. "No you don't." I said angrily and I took out the keys, I slammed the car door and I marched my way to the house. "Don't walk away when I'm trying to talk to you." Zabdiel said as he pulled me, "Don't touch me!" I hissed and I pushed opened the door. I saw Johann still sleeping on the couch cuddled with Peanut. "Let me talk and explain." Zabdiel said angrily, "Explain what? Explain what?!" I yelled. "Está todo bien?" We heard Johann's voice.

"Shut up Johann."

We said in unison, "I was angry and stressed because Richards brother escaped the night we killed Richard. He's after me and my men asked if I wanted to clear my mind and go to a gambling house. I was hesitant but I eventually agreed. They offered me alcohol and I smoked weed—" "explain the cocaine then." I interrupted, he looked at Johann then back at me. "Johann left his bag here a few weeks back, I didn't know who's it was but I found the cocaine and I don't know...I just tried it and that made me feel better." He shrugged, "Made you feel better? Zab you are now addicted to it. You're a drug addict." I crossed my arms and I leaned on one leg.

"I'm not addicted." He fought back, "Zabdiel. Everyone gets addicted." I told him sternly. "Well I'm not like everybody." He said and I rolled my eyes, "I'm okay, I won't do it again." He said as if that was going to fix everything, "It's not that easy Zab, look you're angry so you keep rubbing your nose because you want to do it again. I know what happens with drug addiction, you know my past with drug addiction." I said. He didn't respond so I decided to keep talking. "You even read it in the file, my dad started beating my mother and I. I was only seven. My mom always forgave him. I don't want to be like my mom. I don't want you to be like my da—" "I am nothing like your father don't you fucking compare me to him. I am different then that bastard and you know it!" He yelled and got closer, out of fear I stepped back and I hugged my stomach.

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