How The Moon Pool Began

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One day,first day of summers group of people went on a boat ride on the ocean.Hours later the group of people ,Alexa,Cam,Lexie,and Kyle got tired and hungry , and confused about how to get back to shore.Next moment they saw this island.Alexa was scared to go to the island,as she says ,"ummmm.. I don't think we should go there."   " come on Alexa,don't be silly" Lexie said in a bravely voice. "Ok,then it's settled,we have camp equipment and diving gear,we're going to stay the night on the island until mid day tomorrow ." They all agreed .They got to the island , got got their things and walked further into the island to look for a perfect spot to sleep . " Kyle do you think this is a good spot?" Alexa asked. " no, Alexa . We have to keep looking."As Kyle said they went further until it started to rain.Before this night ends they would've never thought when they got wet that they would transfer into something they didn't know excised. " Look ! There's a cave ."
" Well what are we waiting for? Let's go check it out." Kyle said . They went into the cave and seen a blue glow.They was all confused , but Lexie went to go see what the blue glow was . "Guys come look!" Lexie said as she got more confused, they all asked Lexie " ok Lexie , wha- WOAH!?"  " what is this ?!" Alexa asked. " well let's get in it see what it does." Kyle says while they all got in except for Alexa . " no, I don't think that's a good idea ." Alexa said , " come on Alexa we have to find out what this pool is and what it can do ." Lexie said with excitement. " ok , I'm coming.." Alexa said . They went in the pool , but little do they know that night what no normal people say the big powerful moon pool , which connected to the island's little cave .When the moon risen the water above the pool, the pool started to bubble up. The group of friends was confused yet satisfied. They didn't know what was going on. They swam out on the ocean . " I feel funny." Alexa said while she was swimming slowly .  " ugh Alexa . You have been scared all this time , you probably just got to scared back there"Lexie said as she got aggravated by Alexa complaining.The next morning they all got wet Lexie took a bath , Alexa took a shower , Kyle was mopping , and Cam was fishing, next thing you know the girls turned into mermaids and the boys turned into merman. Lexie calls Alexa , and Alexa answered  " LEXIE! Umm are you feeling you know different?" Maybe look different when your wet." "Oh my gosh ! Yes Alexa it's almost like we're..."  Alexa hurry up and stopped Lexie from saying mermaids. " don't say it lexie !" " I mean it does Alexa !"  " I know , let's just call the boys and meet up somewheres." They called the boys and met up what they always use to meet up at sense they was kids  which was their tree house in the forest by Kyle's house. They got there at the same time . " ok so we are .... mermaids?" Kyle asked . "I think so" Lexie said . " ok guys this is big for us we have to keep this a secret, we don't wanna live in a tank our whole life with people paying to watch us." They all agreed and went home but not all went home. Lexie and Cam waited until they knew for sure Kyle and Alexa went home. Lexie says " ok, I think the coast is clear" " ok let's go for a swim !" Kyle said . Lexie and Kyle went to the beach and dived in the ocean in mermaid and merman movation . They went to the pool where they got transferred into mermaids and merman. " so how do you feel about you know this whole turnin into mermaids and merman?" Lexie asked Cam . " Well before last night , I couldn't swim and now I can , and now I'm happy ." Cam said with a smile .They both swam back to the beach and went home. The next morning Alexa, Kyle , Lexie , and Cam met up at the cafe and ate their breakfast, and went for a swim. They all had so much fun swimming with each other as mermaids and merman , and they felt like it brought them closer . They went for a hunt for other mermaids and merman , but couldn't find any . They was so confused about why they was the only ones.Lexie says " let's go to the pool" they all agreed with Lexie . They arrived to the pool and they were all quiet. To stop the silence Alexa came up with a great name for the pool . " Hey , maybe we can name this place ?" . " Great idea Alexa" Kyle said . " I was thinking of The Moon Pool". They all agreed happily , and that's how The Moon Pool , mermaids , and merman began.

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