Chapter 16

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Gabby POV

"You can plug in your phone, if you want," I said giving her the aux cord. "What do you wanna listen to?" She asked. "Surprise me," I said looking at her and she gave me the sexiest smirk I've seen. She put on some good music and we sang together on the way to the restaurant that I made a reservation for. I really hope she likes it, I kinda booked the whole upstairs part so we could be alone.

"Are you allergic to any food?" I asked. "No that I know of," she said and I smile. "So are you gonna tell me where you're taking me?" she asked, "or are you kidnapping me?" she asked and we both started laughing. "We're going to Bottega Louie," I said and she smiled. I parked the car and got out to open the door for her. "Want me to open the lady's door?" the valet asked. "No, I've got it," I said and he nodded. I grabbed her hand to help her out the car there were a lot of flashes. The paps follow me everywhere now that they know who I am. "Thank you," she said. "My pleasure," I said. I gave the car keys to the valet and we walked inside.

"What's the last name?" the lady asked, "Hart," I said and she looked at me surprise since by now everyone knows who I am. "This way Miss Hart," she said. We followed her upstairs to a booth with a beautiful view. "Your server is going to be right with you," she said excusing herself. "The view is beautiful," Lexi said and I smiled. "I think you're more beautiful," I said and she blushed.

"Good evening ladies my name is Carlos, I will be your server for tonight," he said, "Would you like to start off with something to drink?" he asked. "Water for me," I said and then he looked at Lexi. "I will have the same," she said. "I will be back with your drinks in just a second," he said excusing himself.

"So, I've been hearing a lot of stories about you," she said. "What kind of stories?" I asked. She looked at me trying to read me. "Where you a player in High School?" she asked with no filter catching me off guard and I took a deep breath. "You could say that," I said. "Am I your next victim?" she asked making me laugh. "No, on the contrary I actually have never brought anyone on a date, or my place for the matter," I said. "Why am I different?" she asked and I couldn't help by smile not knowing how to explain in how many was she was perfectly different or unique. "Could you just let me finished? please," I asked and she nodded.

"During my senior year I met this girl, she was from another state. We talked and FaceTime every day, she became part of my routine. It felt real, she made happy and understood me in a way not everyone does so I gave her a part of my heart blindly," I said looking at the view. "She was funny and nice to me, she didn't know I had a lot of money, she had no idea of who I really was. She knew my name but at the time no one really knew I was a Hart," I said and she nodded. "I thought that I was in love with her, but my love for her wasn't reciprocated," I said. "As the State Finals were approaching I knew something was wrong," I said. "And I was right, she broke up with me by a text message, but me being the stubborn, hardheaded stupid girl that I am," I said taking a deep breath, "Drove for 36 hrs to see her, but she chose her," I said looking at my hands. "She was dating someone else when she broke up with me, she gave me the excuse that she needed some that was closer that she could be next to whenever she wanted. She broke my heart, and I lost myself for a period of time. I started drinking a lot, it was then that I met Kami she was the one to teach me everything that I know but I was never comfortable enough to do it with her or any other girl," I said. "I'm still old school, I wanted my first time with someone to be special, to feel the fireworks and the sparkles they talk about in fairytales stories," I said laughing. " I know it sounds childish but then I felt the sparkle with you," I said locking eye contact. "That night at the gala I couldn't stop myself, It felt so right, special so magical," I said and she smiled at me. "I am not like my old self anymore, I lost someone very important to me and that changed me," I said. "I would understand if you don't want anything to do with me, but I'm only asking for a chance," I said holding her hands.

"Are we ready to order or we need more time?" Carlos asked. "More time please," said Lexi. "Alright," he said. "How do I know this isn't just a game for you anymore?" She asked and I looked at her. "You don't," I said and she looked at me confused, "Give me a chance and I promise you that I will show you who I truly am," I said and she nodded.

We order our food and talked a lot about each other and our plan for the future. She's gonna take over her parent's empire, and so am I. "Do you have any siblings?" She asks. "It's a pretty long story," I said and she nodded. "How about you?" I asked. "Yes, her name is Cameron she's 2 years younger than me," she said. "Oh yeah, I remember meeting her and how she told you're drooling over the floor for me," I said making her blush.

We talked about everything and anything I didn't want the night to end, I could spend a whole eternity listening to her voice. We're currently walking by the river "So where are you taking me?" she asked. "You're not trying to murder me, are you?" she asked and I couldn't help but laugh. "Be patient," I said. We kept on walking a little more to a bench, she looked at me with an 'are you serious face' and I pointed at the lights of the city. Her facial expressions changed little by little, the amusement in her face said it all, but even then I still think that she's more beautiful than any sunsets or any beautiful view. I wrapped my arms around her waist resting my head on her shoulder waiting to stay like this forever.

We walked back to my car with her on my back resting her head on my shoulder while I'm holding her heels with my left hand. I sat her on the hood while I unlocked the car I opened the door and carried her inside the car so she wouldn't get her feet dirty. I started the car and drove back to her house. She fell asleep on the way back, can someone please explain to me how someone can look so beautiful while sleeping? I parked in front of the mansion and walked around the car to get her out. I carried her inside the house trying not to wake her up and her mom lead me upstairs to her room, I laid her on the bed and smiled to myself not believing that she's real "I'll take it from here," said her mom. "Thank you," I said excusing myself out.

I drove back to my house and parked the car and gave my keys to Tony. I took the elevator and then opened the door just to find Bri seating on the couch. "SHIT! You scared the living shit out of me," I said. I walked to my room and she followed me. "Can you get out of my room?" I asked, "You do realize we have practice tomorrow right? and she kept staring at me. "Ugh, you're so annoying," I said.

We spent most of the night talking about my date and to be honest I didn't stop smiling the whole time and I love the feeling Lexi makes me feel. She is so amazing and I can't wait for what the future has in the store for us. I kicked Bri out of my room and took my tux off and then jumped on my bed. I checked my phone just to find a picture of Lexi and I while we were by the bench and I was holding her. The caption was 'The beginning of what is going to the most powerful couple in history' I stole the picture and send it to Lexi "The whole world is shipping us" I plugged my phone and then closed my eyes.

Kathy's POV

-You're telling me she was carrying her upstairs just because she thought she looked to beautiful and she didn't have the heart to wake her up?

~I know right?

-One thing is for sure there will be a wedding soon

~I wouldn't want my Lexi to be with someone else

-And I wouldn't want my Gabby to be with someone else either.

~They were so cute that I couldn't help to take a picture when Gabby was carrying her and when she laid her down in bed she smiled and it was the cutest so I had to capture that moment

-Send me those pictures now!

I said probably a little too loud making Marsha move.

-I've got to go I think Marsha is waking up

~Alright, see you tomorrow


I hung up the phone just in time. "Who are you talking to?" She asked while I grabbed the book next to the lamp."I'm sorry babe, I was reading," I said. "Okay," she said throwing my book to the floor and turning off the lamp to hugged. Gabby might not have our blood but she's just like my Marsha.

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