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Theme Song: A Stranger I Remain (Sly Shinobi Mix)


The twin sister of Menma Namikaze and Naruto's biological older sister. Mito is a troublemaker at heart, one that is often called a "trickster" by her peers.

Mito was born a year after Naruto was sold off by his parents and a minute before her twin, Menma. Even as a young girl, Mito was always playful and a bit of a goofball who did not care much about training or keeping up with her brother Menma. However, that was offset by her raw, overwhelming potential as the Jinchūriki of the Yin half of the Nine-Tails and the current reincarnation of Asura Ōtsutsuki which gave her all the power she needed to be useful.

Some say she is extremely loyal to Minato, but she has been known to at times disregard his strict orders to instead play around with her opponents. She is the type who enjoys utterly breaking a foe before killing them off in some ironic way.

Menma and Mito received extensive genetic modifications while still in their mother's womb in order to effectively preprogram ideal traits and to give them greater potential than the average human. Mito, in particular, was given the unique genetics of a mythical vampiric creature thought extinct. As a result, Mito developed extremely unique physical features such as fangs, pointy ears, and a hunger for human blood. Moreover, she also gained additional abilities exclusive to herself.

Currently, she works under the mysterious Nox. Her objectives are a mystery, but she has a great interest in Naruto Sieghart and his allies.


Mito is a tactical genius concealed by a veil of trickery. In combat she often acts childish, playful, or even flirty — but in truth that is no more than an act to gauge her targets and potentially get them to drop their guard. Outside of combat, however, Mito is known to be a thrill-seeker who seeks excitement in its various forms.

Namely a lover of art and music, Mito prioritizes her own interests/hobbies and values those who partake in them. That said, all who befriended her seem to eventually become her food.

Powers and Stats:

Name: Mito Uzumaki

Origin: Dragon Knight

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Classifications & Titles: Vampire-Jinchūriki hybrid, Trickster of Demise, Asura Incarnate, The Gale of Death.

Hair: Jet black with a red bang

Eyes: Yellow with black pupils

Attire: A red gothic Lolita dress, high heels, and a Death Trooper Cloak

Likes: A trickster at heart — Mito thrives at playing with her opponents until they submit to her every whim. Outside of battle, she spends her free time enjoying the thrill of hunting her next meal or searching for young man and woman that pique her interest.

Dislikes: Chivalry and those who let rules hold them back from greatness.

Sexuality: Bisexual


Minato Namikaze (Father)

Kushina Uzumaki (Mother)

Menma Namikaze (Younger Brother)

Naruto Sieghart (Disowned Older Brother)

Lord Nox (????)

Powers and Abilities: Varies depending on each of her forms:

[Base form abilities]

-Superhuman Physical Characteristics (Strength, speed, etc)


-Chakra Manipulation

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