"Why the bottles so damn small?" She asked, she looked into the pouch thing and it was bigger bottles in there.

"This shit gon take forever." I said laughing. She flicked me off and took her shirt off.

"Woah! Yo titties got bigger." I said touching one, she slapped my hand away and started the breast pumping process.

"Does it hurt?"

"Nah a little uncomfortable but besides that it's aight." She said, I nodded and we heard a cry. Destiny was about to get up and I stopped her.

"Bae chill I got it." I said going over to the twins, Destiny's room big as fuck so she put 2 whole ass baby cribs in her room because she wanted to make sure our children was safe.

"Hey lil twin." I said picking up Jamell jr. He looked at me and I smiled back.

"Now what's the problem?" I said laughing.

"He needs to be fed." Destiny said.

"Here give me the bottle. I wanna feed him." I said.

"Do you know how to hold him?"

"Yes nigga damn gimme the bottle." I said she nodded and handed me the bottle.

I wonder what this shit tastes like?

"Jamell why would you just drink a little bit of that milk I seen you." She said laughing.

"I was making sure it was ok. That shit good tho no cap." I said propping Jamell jr up and feeding him.

"You look kinda handsome today." Destiny said getting up and putting up the breast pump.

"Girl I look handsome everyday stop the Kap." I said feeling myself.

"My fucking pussy is so sore." She said laying back down.

"Damn. You been getting dick?"

"No stop playing wit me, yo big headed children fucked my coochie up." She said.

"Girl yo head really big nigga." I said laughing and getting a spit rag and putting it on my shoulder so I can burp jr. I started patting his back softly.

"The fuck is that soft ass pat?" Destiny asked. I rolled my eyes and started patting his back a little harder and he burped and spit up all on my neck and shit.

"Awww my little big man." Destiny said, I laughed and wiped my neck and his mouth off.

"All Jamiyah do is sleep." I said.

"She gets that shit from you. Jr is more like me energetic." Destiny said. I placed jr back in his crib and he closed his eyes and probably went to sleep. I went to lay in bed with her.

"Let's take a nap, because I'm tired." Destiny said. I nodded. The honest truth was I was really tired as fuck, when Destiny got pregnant I had my doubts thinking I wasn't gonna be a good father but honestly my babies now being in this world is the best thing. I grin hard for them and Destiny. Ima start kicking in more, Destiny's still sore from the birth or whatever.

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