Chapter 6

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Class finally ended and then me and Dongsun went to go get coffee.

We talked and laughed while walking. Then we got to the cafe, bought our drinks, and sat down.

We talked for like half an hour when he asked me, "I know we barely know each other but I really like you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

I was shocked, I really didn't think he would ask me this but I do have a great time with him so I nodded and smiled.

Then he walked me home and I remembered I was grounded so I didn't want my mom to see him so I told him to leave.

I came home and my mom was there watching TV in the living room. I walked slowly, not trying to make a noice, when I hear, "Soomin, come here."


I went quietly to the sofa and sat down.

"Yes, mom?" I said looking down.

"So what's going on between the guy that called me and you?" She looked at me smiling.

"Oh him, he's just my desk mate." Then my mom got my hand and said, "Honey, I know I told you to just concentrate on school but you don't meet guys like him everyday so I give you permission to date him." She sounded so happy.

So much for being grounded. Like he is not even that good.

Then my mom kept telling me how he is rich and popular, and he is a gentleman blah blah blah. She really wanted me to get with him but I wanted to tell her I am dating someone else but it just didn't seem like the right time.

"Oh Soomin! You are not grounded anymore and you got a packet today, it's in your room." I quickly ran to my room, I was so excited.

I opened the box and got my computer, but there was a note inside.

"Thank you Kim family for buying one of our PC's, this is a pleasure, so we give you warranty forever and VIP treatment."

What? How did they know, then I remembered I paid with his credit card and everything started making sense.

"Ah, guess he is popular and rich~"

I opened my new PC and started downloading everything I needed when I got a text message.

"You like your new PC?
Oh and YOUR WELCOME." It was the ugly princess.

"Oh yea thanks!" I replied.

I was so happy so I called Dongsun and we talked the whole night.

Tomorrow we didn't have school so I was just going to do homework and play on my new PC.

I woke up around 12:00 pm and went to the kitchen to eat.

Then I got a text message, "Come to my house and play games with me!" It was from Jin.

I rolled my eyes and reminded him that I have to do our homework then he told me to bring it.

I told my mom I was going to meet my friend and she just goes, "If it is Kim Seokjin you can be with him all you want!"

I just took deep breaths and left, I took a taxi to his house because I could of gone with my bike but I did have his credit card so I got a cab.

I didn't even knock or ring the bell, I just opened it cause I remembered the passcode.

I got in and sat down at the sofa. But then Jin comes downstairs shirtless and notices I am there.

"YAH! Why didn't you ring the bell?" Then he quickly put his shirt on.

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