Chapter 46

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening.

Have you ever listened to Male versions of female songs? I love it!



Keith was sitting in the living room on the couch while Georgia took a nap. Kosmo was beside Keith and Lance was at work, all when this happened.

Keith sat and watched his anime, when the phone went off.

Picking it up he answered with a "Hello?"

"So I see you moved into your own little house." A dark chuckle followed. "Are you just waiting for the right moment to ask me to move in?"

"What the hell do you want?" Keith spat quickly getting up with Kosmo following. Lotor knew where they lived and by the sounds of it, he didn't know about Georgia. Which was a good thing.

"Oh you know." Lotor said. "Where's my dear cousin?"

Keith froze before hanging up the phone. He dialed a number, one that he knew could help.


"Shiro! You got to help me!" Keith cried. "It's Lotor. He knows where we live!"

"I'm on my way!" Shiro hissed and the phone was hung up.

Keith quickly rushed into Georgia's room, grabbed her diaper bag and started filling it up with clothing, toys, diapers baby wipes etc.

But that was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Oh Keith." Lotors voice rang out. "I know you're in here."

Keith acted quickly and grabbed Georgia and hid in the closet In the room.

Holding Georgia close, he hid in the corner behind a bunch of boxes. Keith send a quick text to Lance and Shiro before calling 911.

Before the operator could say anything Keith started talking.

"You have to help me." He whispered.

"Sir? What's going on?" The operator asked in a calm soothing voice.

"Keith." Lotor sang. "Where are you?"

"There's this man. He's been after me since high school. He disappeared but now he's back. And he's in my home. I have a 7 month old baby with me." Keith said.

"There's police on the way. What's your name hun?" The woman asked from the other side.

"It's Keith."

"Keith. Stay on the phone with me okay?" The operator asked. "Where are you right now."

"I'm in a closet in my daughter's room. Behind some boxes." Keith said.

"Keith?" Shiro's voice rang out. "Where are you- Lotor?!"

"Keith? What's happening now?" The lady on the phone questioned.

"My brother just showed up." Keith said.

"Whatever you do. Do not get out of the closet Keith." The lady instructed. "They can try to use things to lure you out."


Before they knew it, police arrived and quickly barged into the house.

Shiro had Lotor pinned down so it was easy for the police to arrest him.

"Keith?" Shiro called out.

Keith came out of the closet. "Up here."

Shiro's footsteps could be heard as he ran into the room.

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