Burning Horizon; That Could...

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Chapter Six: That Could...

"Morning honey." I pushed a bowl of cornflakes across the kitchen counter towards my daughter.
She looked at them in pure disgust. "I'm not eating them. They taste so incredibly bland; it's just like shovelling air down my throat."
I knew the feeling. I'd tasted some of my favourite human foods from before since the change, none of which bared any sort of attraction to my senses. As Edward had tried to explain to me before, the taste of so unappealing that it was like eating dirt, not to mention the sloppy texture of it all!
"You haven't been hunting for ages. I'm not having you attack someone out of pure thirst." I pushed the bowl further towards her body so much so that it nearly fell off the edge of the kitchen workbench.
"I'm not going near any humans; Aymie and I are going diving again near the wreck." She smiled.
There was no point arguing, I would only lose pathetically. Arguing had never exactly been my strong point, especially with my husband and daughter.
"Fine." I took the bowl from the counter before it fell off. "You can swim properly now then?"
"Of course I can." She gave me a quick hug before sprinting out of the doors, striped beach bag flung over her shoulder. "It seems that I am in fact a natural after all."
The door slammed shut behind her and I smiled as I ran through her words again in my head in the sort of tone that made me laugh.
"Where are we off today Mr?" I asked as I felt Edward's breath on the back of my neck.
"I was thinking the cove, just you and me."
"Perfect." I lent my head back onto his shoulder. I wasn't sure what my word had been describing. The bay, him or us.
My day was unbelievably blissful. The combination of gleaming sun, soft sand, lapping sea and my Edward created happiness in my heart that must be impossible to top. We walked hand in hand along the sandy path listening to the silence. I loved silence. It let your mind run over everything that the distracting noise prevented and it made everything triple in beauty. Amazing colours were shimmering in the afternoon sunlight from the flowers that followed the path through the trees. There were yellows as bright as the sun above, blues as strong as the ocean, pinks that looked as if they should be delectable sweets and greens more vivid than anything else around them.
I pushed open the door with my free hand and let my bag slide down to the floor. The villa was silent but Renesmee's sweet scent lingered in the air. I dropped my bikini onto the ivory coloured sofas.
"Is she at the beach?" I asked, pulling Edward across the room forcefully.
"I can't hear her."
Edward's face from a smile to a concerned expression as a door slammed shut upstairs. I squeezed his hand tighter and pulled him quickly up the spiral stairs of the villa to Renesmee's bedroom.
"Oh," I whispered.
The window was pulled wide open, the frayed curtains waving in the breeze. Renesmee's scent was still fresh in the air but she must have left the room at least two minutes ago. Something about this wasn't right.
"She left a note," Edward murmured, stepping over to her bed in one stride and picking up the piece of folded paper. His fingers shook as he opened it. I shuffled to his side, scanning my eyes across the note that was addressed "Mom and Dad" in small, curly writing.

I'm so sorry.

I'm not coming back. I can't come back. You're in danger because of me and I can't face that.
I'm running straight to the Volturi now. They can have me by all means, but they can never have you. Please try and understand.
I'm the biggest mistake you have made. But I think you'll agree it was worth it for what we had and I will never ever, forget you.
You must know it's my life for nine. I can never stand back and watch them hurting you over me because I know that is coming.
It's impossible for me. This will always benefit all of you. Please trust me, if you still can after this.
They are not getting their way. I would never, ever please them. No matter how much they hurt me.
No matter how much they torture me. They won't get to push me around. I am still a Cullen.
And I will be forever. But for once, let somebody save your lives. Forget me. However hard that may be for you all.
There is one final thing that you have to try and please, please do for me.

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