i am still disappointed

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I don't exactly remember how this went down, but a couple months ago Olive (gotta tag you now so you can be reminded that this is yOur fAuLt KittenNature) was like "lol you should draw a mix of jared and jeremy"

And I was like: "so basically Will Roland?"

And she was like "lol no do something creative."

So I'm pretty sure I drew this in like April? Maybe May? A long time ago that's for sure.

And it's a monstrosity.

EWW WTFI drew so badly bakc then

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I drew so badly bakc then.
Or maybe it's just a Jeremy/Jared hybrid isn't supposed to exist..

Or a mixture of the two reasons.

Anyway the left one's Jared and the right ones Jeremy just in case you can't read my terrible handwriting with my terrible camera.

And the arrow pointing to the monstrosity says
A monstrosity
(Why, Olive, whyyy)
(Basically Squipped Jeremy.)

Ok, stay gay Jareds.

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