Scott's POV

I burst into the house. I'd been with Alison, and lost track of time. When I finally did look at the clock, I realized that it'd been over six hours since I'd checked on Stiles.  I was counting on the fact that Derek hopefully wouldn' t kill Stiles, but I knew he'd probably be injured.

But when I walked into the living room where they were, I didn't find Stiles' dead body. He didn't even have a bruise. Instead, he and Derek were laying one the couch, asleep. And they were on top of each other. Derek had an arm slung over Stiles, who was pressed up against him. I stood there frozen for what seemed like hours. Derek woke up. He seemed confused when he looked at Stiles. Stiles' eyes fluttered open, and he literally leaped off of Derek, jumping back and landing lightly on his feet.

"Um...." I said dumbly.

Both of their heads snapped towards me.

"What were you two doing?" I asked.

"What do you mean 'what were you two doing'?" Derek replied, rubbing his head.

"Just now." I said slowly, "You. Stiles. Cuddling."

"We weren't doing anything. " Derek snapped, "We both fell asleep. It's not like we were making out, Scott."

We both looked at the other boy in the room.

Stiles clutched at his stomach, let out a moan, and vomited on the wooden floor. He collapsed, shaking, and what happened next was something I will have nightmares about for the rest of my life. His bones seemed to twist and re-size themselves. Claws shot out of his hands, and teeth broke free of his gums. His skin ripped in places and fur came out of it. His face elongated, and his nose changed shape. Emerald eyes replaced his usual brown ones. His shouts of pain turned into growls, and as I watched, he turned into a wolf. Not a werewolf, but an actual wolf. .

"Don't. Move. A muscle." Derek warned, "That's not Stiles. Not right now."

"Got it," I said, "No moving."

The wolf bared its teeth at us. A low grumble emitted from its chest. It circled us, and snapped its teeth a few times.

It crouched down, and lunged, pouncing on Derek. He knocked it aside easily. It lunged at me, and I pinned the wolf down. After a few seconds, in that same, awful way as before, it turned back into Stiles. He ended up on the ground, trembling. His clothes were gone.

"Get something to cover him up with." I ordered Derek.

He rummaged through a closet, and pullet out a worn, moth-eaten blanket. I wrapped it around Stiles. His eyes were huge.

"W-w-what h-happened?" he asked.

Derek looked at him, and turned away.
                                                             *          *               *              *

                                                                      Derek's POV

Although I would never admit it, I was nervous. What Stiles had done.... There was only two explanations. Either he was an Alpha, or his mate was. But Stiles hadn't been in contact with too many Alphas. Only two. Unless....

"There's another one." I breathed.

"What?" Scott asked.

I stared at Stiles. He was fumbling with the sleeves of the shirt I'd let him borrow. It was too big on him, which wasn't surprising. I was probably forty pounds heavier and a full head taller than he was. But I had to do this. I took a step towards him, and then pinned him to the wall.

"Who is it?" I growled.

"W-w-who's w-w-what?" he stuttered.

"Don't act like you don't know!"

I slammed his head back against the wall.

"Derek!" Scott shouted, "Let go of him!"

He tried to yank me off of him. I shoved him back. Stiles spoke up.

"I d-d-don't know what you're t-t-talking about, D-Derek. I swear to God."

And that was when I smelled it. When I breathed in, I knew what he was feeling. Fear. Confusion. Anger. Hurt. But underneath all of those, was just the faintest hint of... arousal. I was turning him on.

"Go." I snarled.

They both sprinted out of the house, leaving me to sink to the ground, not knowing what the hell to do.

                                                                    *          *        *         *                 

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