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He felt so hot when he looked at her. He didn't know why, but she made him feel so odd. Though... it wasn't unpleasant. In fact, Shoto had grown addicted to the feeling he got whenever he was around her. It was so shameful, he knew that, but he wanted more.
She was addicting.
She was his drug.

He loved her, so much.


"Todoroki, are you alright? You've been staring at (L/n) a lot today." Iida asks, doing his usual chopping motion.
Shoto, who was definitely not paying attention, simply stared at the girl some more.
(L/n) (Y/n) was not in the Hero Course, but she was constantly with one of the students.
It was Midoriya Izuku, her best friend.

He knew they were close, bit whenever Shoto thought about it he got itchy. Every time he saw Midoriya touch (Y/n) or even talk to her, he wanted to rip her away from the green haired teen and absolutely smother her. It was irrational, of course, to want to do such a thing, but he just couldn't control his own thoughts. It bothered Shoto, it really did. It was part of the reason why he never acted on his ever growing affection for the girl.


(Y/n) was now in front of him, her eyes curious. He could smell her, her scent sweet and overwhelming for him. His breathing quickens for but a second before he forces himself to calm himself.
He looks her in the eye, before his gaze was on her thigh high clad legs.


"Me and Zuku were wondering if you wanted to come with us to the aquarium? Almost everyone else said yes, so I wanted you to come too!" (Y/n) says excitedly, her eyes glimmering with hope.

How could he say no to that face?

"... sure. I'll go."

She ended up giving him her phone number and he almost pounced on her.


He really needed to work on his issues, didn't he?


He was alone with (Y/n) at the aquarium somehow. Midoriya and the others went somewhere else, while Shoto and (Y/n) were still looking at some of the smaller exhibits. It felt like a date and Shoto could feel his heart fluttering from within his chest. As always, he had a poker face on, though on the inside he felt so much different.

"Huh? Where did the others go..." (Y/n) trails off, then her eyes go wide.
"Oh no! Did I hold us back? I'm so sorry, Todoroki!"
She grabs his hands and he can't help but look at her cute face as she lets out an adorable whine.
"It's fine, they were being pretty loud anyways."
She freezes, and then smiles shyly.
"I was afraid I was the only one who thought so. I'm so used to Izuku and he's quiet, but everyone at Yuuei is so loud. It's pretty intimidating." (Y/n) says, letting go of Shoto's hand, she misses the look of disappointment.

He nods, his cheeks going pink as he realizes that no one else is in the dark lit hallway that they were in. (Y/n) seemed unfazed, of course, but he feels hot.
"Are you alright? Do you want to go somewhere else? Maybe the park? I can just let Izuku know and we can go anywhere you like!"

Shoto, obviously accepts, and he goes on their pretend date, having the time of his life.


"Shoto, it's cold!"
(Y/n) wraps a warm scarf around his neck, making sure he wasn't completely exposed to the frigid air. It wasn't winter yet, but the air was fierce and unrelenting.

Even though he wasn't necessarily cold, he let her wrap her scarf around him, her scent once again invading his nose. Without really realizing it, (Y/n)'s fingers skim over his neck gently and he nearly lets out a purr.

"Don't get a cold, Todoroki!"

He really loved her.

{I mentioned this in the description, but I'll say this again just because. Todo is a little creep (pervert) in this book. It won't lead to a lemon unless it gets requested by enough people, but still. If you're uncomfortable when it comes to this kind of thing, then you probably shouldn't read this. I gave you a fair warning so I don't want anyone in my comment section complaining about it!}

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