The Pregnancy Story Of Niall

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#IMAGINE for Sarah

you where crying in the bathroom because you had missed your period and niall wasent home so you called Ellanorr to come over. you had got a pregnacy test  and it was possitive. you didnt know what niall would say he would probably leave you for some beach blond california malibu barbie doll who is sun kissed and sexy. you heard a knock at the door and figgured it was Ellenor so you where just about to give HER a hug and say ''I'm PREGGERS'' when you relised it was niall!

You quickly wiped away your teers and said ''Hi Baby'' Shakily.

''Uh, Hey Sarah you ok''? he said

''Um sorta well yeah i'm fine'' you said

''No your not'' Niall said sharply he could see right through you

''Ok niall um sit down...

Niall... I'm...aaaa hhhhh... Pregnant''

Niall just sat there. His blue eyes glossyer than than he screamed


''but niall, you said arn't you going to leave me''??

Babe of  course not i want a litte baby in our family i will be so gifted to have two beautiful babys in my life i will portect you two forever!

you nearly cried in JOY!!! he gave you a big horan hug and then you two just talk about baby related stuff the rest of the day and then fell asleep together on the couch.The next morning you woke up to the smell of pancakes and BACON!!!! you woke up and felt somthing on you round stomach it said

Dear Mommy Me and Daddy Love You xoxo Daddy and Me

you just sat there in love!

Niall then brought you and him some breakfast and said ''Hey Beautiful'' then kissed you on the forehead .''So the boys said congrats and think you will be a great mom'' ''They also want me to take some time off work for the baby'' Niall said.''OK baby thank you, oh um just wondering what do you want''?''Hmmm well a boy so we can bolth spoil you and so we can go to games together, but a girl so i can have and spoil two prinsesses and i can play easy bake oven with so i can eat'' Niall said. You laughed.'' i'm the same... Well pretty much'' you joked niall asked you what names you liked niall asked. you said '' girls Payton, Paige, Bailey Boys Trevor, Connor and Liam'' ''There beautiful, I like Victoria, Jamie, and Leala for a girl and James ,Joseph and Luckas for a boy''

Niall said them passionitly !

2 weeks later

''Niall Hurry up'' you said . niall was going to his first ultrasound with you

''ok Sarah'' he said exitedly

15 minutes later

you and niall cuddled to the chairs in the waiting room

you saw all the little kids playing with the toy and thought it was so cute you had narrowed the names Down to Jamie and Liam

you hear a tall thin blond lady in pink scrubbs say ''Mr and Mrs Horan the doctor will see you now''

You got butterflies but niall held your hand and put the othe around your back as yoy walked down the hallway and followed a red headed nurse with cateye glasses and purple scrubbs and then you got to the ultra sound room where Dr.Lucia Mcmiller was.She said ''Hello you two how are you''

you and niall bolth said fine thank you and she said ''Me to, now Sarah can i get you to lift your top up you did as she said and lied on the bed and she put blue jelly on your large growing belly as niall heled your hand  the took a mouse and put it on your belly and showed you the baby, ''Would you like to know the sex of it'' you and niall said yes pleas and she said its a girl and niall started crying of joy and so did you the DR gave to pictues of the sonagram and niall put iit in his wallet beside your picture.

38 weeks later

Your belly was HUGE and looked like a baskets ball

you and niall where watching collage foot ball on the couch and you got up to get some water whene suddenly

*SPLASH* water everywhere

Niall looked at you in shock

you said ''Niall I Think my water just broke'' you where stuned

you and niall hurried up and got in the car and called the boys they where there waiting for you guys and you rushed to get out of the car You where Screaming in pain  and somone got you a room ASAP

Niall Liam and Ellanor came with you  but every one els stayed in the waiting room

20 minutes later

a beautiful little girl named Jamie Payton Lea Rea Horan was born 6 pounds 7 onzes

that was the best day of yours and nialls life together

And they Lived Happily Ever After

Sarah and Niall

hope you liked it my second imagine ever

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