Chapter 3

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I woke up to Jen shakeing my bed. 

"What the *freak* Jen!?" 

"Sorry I had to wake you up, you were gonna be late for school" 

"Oh yeah..." 

"Yeah by the way your a real deep sleeper."she said while I made my way to the closet to get clothes for the day. 

"Yeah, I know" I stated while looking at all my options of clothes 

"Hey Jen" 

"Yeah" she said. Her eyebrow raised 

"Why did you adopt me if I'm such a bad person?" 

"Well you can't be that bad, I know your a good person in there, I know your past, because of your past you act thouqh to block away anyone that hurts you, I'm sorry Blaze but I have to go and you should get ready for school too." 

"Yeah your right, okay bye" 

 I choose my clothes for the day and went to take a shower. I decided to wear black ripped skinneys and a black off the shoulder shirt that said "I only date hot guys". I pulled my hair into a messy ponytail, put on my black converse. I went into my jewlery box and I grabed the only thing that I actually owned and was special to me, my moms neclace, it holds all the powers that she and my dad had.

I applied some heavy makeup, grabed my skateboard and left with my bookbag on my back. I put the skateboard down and skated to school, I pasted by the snotty looking girls I passed yesterday and they all stared at me in disbelief, whatever, I kept going. After about 5 minutes I got to the school. I picked up the skateboard and started to walk when I was held back by someone and held my waist. I bawled up my fist and was about to punch whoever it was but I heard Damen 

"Hey babe" 

"Hello to you too I said while I punched him in the gut. He wimpered and said "Damn you can sure punch for a pretty girl" 

"I know thanks" I said and made my way to the office. He caught up to me and he stared at me angrily  


"The fuck was that for!?" 

"Oh I didn't like what you did back there so I punched you" 

"Oh come on I know you liked it" 

I raised my hand to slap him  

"Shut up" I decided not to hit him 

Instead I turned around and walked away 

Man that boy is annoying. 

He walked by my side again 


"What I can't walk with you?" 


"To bad cause I'm gonna anyway" 


I went into the office and got my scheduale. I had half my classes with Damen  

Oh well this is gonna be great

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