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"corbyn, i wanna see chris! please can we see her?" daniel pouts, looking at corbyn as they continue walking down the street, having just exited school.

"course we can, bub" corbyn smiles down at him, pressing a kiss to his temple.

the rest of the walk down to the beach was full of daniel prancing about and being the excitable seventeen year old he is. corbyn just watched the boy with an amused smile on his lips, having to grab his hand and practically drag him into the diner that christina works in.

knowing that the diner has only just opened corbyn wasn't suprised when he is met with a room of empty tables, chuckling when daniel runs to the back to call for christina.

"chrissy, get your fat ass out here!" he exclaims, giggling wildly.

christina walks out of the back, tying her apron up behind her back with a grin.

"hey, bitchass" she responds, walking out to give daniel a hug.

"my god, what am i gonna do with you two?" corbyn chuckles, shaking his head.

"love us forever and ever" daniel grins, walking over to him and patting his head.

corbyn laughs softly, wrapping his arms around daniel's waist to trap him, pressing multiple kisses all over the boy's face.

"corbs- corbyn, stop it t-tickles!" daniel giggles, thrashing about in corbyn's tight hold.

"date. now." christina pulls the two apart, flicking their heads, "you're so in love, just realise it already!"

"he's my bestie" daniel says goofily, sticking his tongue out at the other brunet.

"shut up and kiss" christina retorts, rolling her eyes playfully as she goes round to the back to begin making food.

daniel giggles, standing on his tiptoes to press a quick kiss to corbyn's nose.

"cute" corbyn grins, grabbing daniel's hand and pulling him into a booth.

[ 🧸🖇🏹 ]

"bye, chris!" daniel calls as he exits the diner, still just as hyper as earlier due to the chocolate that he had eaten.

"you're so hyper" corbyn chuckles, taking the brunet's hand in his and lacing their fingers to stop him from wandering off.

"can we go to the beach before we go back to your house?" daniel questions, looking up at corbyn with puppy dog eyes.

corbyn coos, running his fingers through daniel's hair, "mhm."

daniel jumps up excitedly, "thank you, corby."

he practically drags corbyn down to the empty beach, pulling him over to the rocks that they normally sit on and sitting the blond down.

he turns around, taking a seat in his lap and resting back against his chest.

corbyn smiles, wrapping his arms around daniel's waist.

"sunsets are pretty" daniel hums, playing with the rings on corbyn's fingers as he stares over the ocean, watching as the sun sets before his eyes, a beautiful array of colors painting the sky.

"almost as pretty as you" corbyn mutters, pecking daniel's cheek.

"flirt" daniel scoffs playfully, turning his head to look into the blond's eyes.

neither say a word, just stare into the other's eyes with soft smiles on their faces.

"daniel" corbyn whispers, breaking the comfortable silence.

"mmh" daniel hums in reply, not breaking the deep stare.

corbyn doesn't say anything, he just leans down and captures daniel's lips on his own, the brunet practically moaning into the kiss.

daniel moves to straddle corbyn's hips, not breaking the kiss as he does, and cups the blond's cheeks in his hands.

the older pulls back slightly to say something, but is quickly cut off.

"shh, don't speak, just kiss me."

he meets daniel's eyes one more times before connecting their lips again, and god does he love the feeling.

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