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The days passed by as regular ,shisi condition has been improving ,she still dream about the accident.
But she has become cheerful . She laugh more often .
And the best part is that she has become more social , and made friends with mengmeng.
Mengmeng comes to our orphanage every weekend with her babysitter.
There are new things that I have came to know about mengmeng ,that her parents are not around her ,
Her mother being a model is mostly busy and her father being a research madman only focus on his experiment , but when  her mother is around he becomes extremely sticky to his wife not even carrying whether their are children around , sometimes I and shishi visit mengmeng house .
And today being one of the days .
I , mengmeng and shishi were playing on the swing , where me being the only adult (😆😅 dramatic eyerowl). Was keeping watch that they both won't get hurt .
Suddenly I heard the sound of heel clicking and turned around to see mengmeng mother ( I still can't keep my eye off aunts long leg , mentally drolling over long legs 😌🤑🤑🤑)
As mengmeng noticed her mother she can't keep her excitement in controll and shouted " moomm , you are back ? .. mengmeng missed you !!!! And rushes towards her .
Her mum embrace her  saying " meng meng did u like mom's surprise , mom bought gift for you ".
To which she replied " I only want mom ," 

As we all reaches the sitting room  ,  aunt took out the gifts she bought for mengmeng and to my surprise she also bought gift for us .
       I saw shishi and mengmeng  excitedly opening their gift ,
I said " thank you aunt " with a huge smile .

    To my surprise all three of us got the same things , we had the same teddy with our names written . And their was also a pendent with our initial . Although it wasn't something expensive but it was very thoughtful , tear filled my eyes .
  As I thought that if I had mother would she also be so caring , and thought why did she left me at the gate of orphanage , did she also had her problem and struggle ,
    Why didn't my father supported her  that she become so vulnerable to have left her own child , 
Or are they even alive  was I sent to the orphanage because they also had accident .
   Were they even Chinese or they were foreigners ,who came here for tourism . ...
      Was mom Chinese or dad ???.
    These were some of the question that were quite frequently thought by me in last life when I was in my teens .
   But when I think about it now , it seems less important .
    Because if they are alive I think they may have their own problems .
    While I was again emmerced in my thought a angrey voice broke my thought bi turn around to see mengmeng standing with tears in her eye staring at her dad with accusing eye. As her father was busy with trying to grab his wife attention , who was trying to break free from his arms  to appease her tearful child
   In a very childis  voice her father accused , mengmeng mom ".    " honey don't you love me anymore, why are you always ignoring me , now the child is grown up she can take care of herself  , you don't give me time "".

    Hearing such a childis tone from such a big man gave me chills , I don't know how mengmeng survive in this  house , with a father who always tries to steal his wife from a child .
   And mengmeng is so small and he say she is grown . Ewwww ....
     (I need to get out of this mushi mushi environment , it is harmful for children ).

    After this episode ended we had our lunch their and mengmeng driver , dropped me and shishi back to orphanage.
    As soon as we arrived all the children circled us asking at the same time " what have you bought *
   Shishi reply " we got chocolate and candy for every one ".
  Hearing this everyone was so excited , .
I said " oakay , everyone make a quee , and I will give everyone their share ".
  After getting their share they were very happy .

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