'Ice cream' 🍨

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Zak put the rest of the eggs and bacon on the plate and put it on the table.
Darryl sat down and started eating the food Zak made.
"S-sooo... How i-is it?" Zak asked, not sure what Darryl would think of it.
Darryl looked at Zak and mumbled "delicious." With his mouth full of bacon.
After Darryl had finished eating what he wanted to, also leaving some for Zak.
He then got up and looked at Zak who was smiling, glad Darryl liked his food.
"You're definitely getting ice cream for that." Darryl said.
Zak's eyes were even more sparkly than ever before.
"ThankYouThankYouThankYouThankYou!" Zak started spinning around.
Zak was spinning around and then ran towards Darryl to hug him.
"You really love when someone pays for your ice cream, huh?" He said, smirking.
Zak was happy, very very much.
Zak gave Darryl a kiss on the cheek and didn't let go of him.
Darryl was ok with Zak hugging him, but he wanted him to eat his breakfast before it got cold.
"Eat your breakfast, then we can go." He said.
Zak stopped hugging Darryl and went to eat breakfast.



An hour after breakfast, Zak ran to Darryl's room and squealed at the top of his lungs "WE'RE GOING FOR ICE CREAM NOOOOW!"
Darryl jumped when Zak squealed, he got up from his computer and walked to Zak, "yeah yeah, we'll go, lemme just get myself a drink." Then he walked to the kitchen.
Zak was curious about what Darryl was doing, so he looked at his computer.


He was...

He was scrolling through Skephalo fanart.

Zak looked through some of them.
He then decided it wasn't a good idea to scroll any more, so he went to 'paint' and wrote and drew something there.

Then he walked out and went to the entrance, waiting for Darryl.
After around 5 seconds Darryl came to the door.
Zak opened the door and was happily jumping, not too high, he was just too excited.
Darryl walked out, closed the door and locked them.
They started walking, Zak had no idea where they were going since he was new here.
"So where are we going? A normal sweet-shop or some restaurant with ice creams?" Zak asked.
Darryl looked at Zak, "we're going to a sweet-shop, there's more types of ice creams there." He said.
"Ooooo!" Zak said, if he was drawn, he would've had sparkles in his eyes.


After a while of walking, they finally got there.

"We're here." Darryl said.
Zak ran into the shop and looked around. "Everything here looks delicious!"
Darryl walked in as well when Zak said it. "Does that include me?" He asked.
"I- I uh- I don't know you didn't give me a taste." Zak said, rubbing the back of his head.
Zak sat down at a table and Darryl did so as well.
They received their menu and Zak looked at the menu and noticed there was a sundae.
Zak looked at Darryl and was a bit scared to ask.
"C-can I get the sundae?" He asked.

Darryl's POV

I looked at Zak, who looked like he wasn't sure what I would say.
"Since you've been a good muffin, yes, you can." I said.
Zak looked really adorable when I said that, he looked very happy.
"Thank youuu!" Zak squealed.
Right when he did that, a waitress came over to ask what we wanted.
"I want the chocolate-strawberry-banana sundae please!" Zak said.
"And you?" She asked me.
"I'll just get a boba." I said.


After a while, they both got their things.
Right when Zak got his sundae he just started quickly eating it.
Darryl just drank his boba, and after they were both done with their food/drink, Darryl paid and Zak and him went outside.
"So how did you enjoy your sundae?" Darryl asked Zak.
"It was great, you should've got it too!" Zak said.
Darryl looked at Zak and chuckled "I think you were a bit too into the eating, you got some on your nose." He said.
Darryl then rubbed the chocolate off of Zak's nose.

When they got back home, Zak remembered what he did and immediately ran to his room.
Then when Darryl went to his room, he looked at the computer.

(And yeah the text is crappy cause literally noone can properly write with a mouse

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(And yeah the text is crappy cause literally noone can properly write with a mouse.)

Darryl got a bit angry and embarassed at the same time.
"ZAAAAAK!" He yelled out.
When he ran into Zak's room he saw Zak on his chair, pretending to be making a video.
"Dude get out I'm making a video!" Zak said, trying to act innocent.
"You're not recording, you don't have the lights set up!" Darryl said.
Zak then put down his headphones, got up from his chair and backed up into a wall.
As Darryl was getting closer he decided to make a run for it, he ran past Darryl
And then...


The chase has started

To be continued, sorry for a little cliffhanger, and sorry for no actual pictures, I promise next time will be more!

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