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Emily- "Its December! Wake the hell up!"

Ava-"It's 6am! Shut the hell up!"

Ella-"I'm trying to sleep!" She shouted from her room.

Emily-"Come on." She said then pulled me out of bed.

I groaned but decided to get up and get breakfast. Soon the rest of the girls came down.

Isla-"So what made you think it was a good idea to wake us up at 6?"

Emily-"It's December." She said matter of factly.

When Emily says that the boys came down. Everyone looked so tired, probably because Emily woke everyone up.

Jack-"I really don't like you Emily." He groaned.

Emily-"You're all so lazy."

No one said anything else and just got in with their day. Before we knew it it was night and we had to sleep.

A/N: woo another bad chapter. You're welcome.

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