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Chapter 5 - You Stole My Heart But I Had It First

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Carefully, I pushed open the door to the back lounge, trying not to bring too much attention to myself. I know only Natasha was in the room but I honestly hated any attention unless it involved performing, but even then I got nervous. Other types of attention frightened me to death. It made me feel like everyone was staring at me.

She looked up to me with those big brown eyes. It literally made me stop in my tracks. The way that her smile made her face even more beautiful than usual. It made me feel so unworthy to be in the same room as her. Trying to avoid her flawless gaze, so not to get frozen again. I strolled into the room sitting beside her, handing the warm cup of green tea.

Her eyes lit up like fireworks went off and I swear I even saw a twinkle, "That's so kind" she gasped, taking the cup into her hands.

"It was Ronnie's idea" I admitted, letting my eyes wander around the small room but as always they came back to Natasha.

"How sweet of him" she cooed, placing it on the coffee table beside her lyrics. My heart sank. This just confirmed everything. I knew her and Ronnie had something going on. Well, I'm kinda used to this by now, I always fell for girls that were to good for me - not a self pity kind of thing,  it was true.

I scanned the page of lyrics. Personally, I think she did an amazing job, especially if I compare them to the lyrics I've written before... Yeah I'm not even going to go there.

"Can you sing it to me?" I asked, looking over at her timidly as she nodded and pulled the lyrics in front of her.

Pick up the phone, answer your text

I apologise about last night I really did not mean to disrespect you

You better be alone, No I'm not obsessed

But if I catch you with somebody else you know that I am gonna be upset.

I truly believe that the reason I'm here, is to tell you the truth that your ending is near, and one day you must look at yourself in the mirror, I still don't think that you are hearing me clear// You must understand that our friendship is done, justified by the person that you have become, and because of the fact that enough is enough, Now i'm the one that is holding the gun.

Woah, This will be the end of us, and I have tried way to many times to heal

I've loved you so much it hurts me dear, and this, this will be the end of us...

Pick up the phone, Pick up the phone

Pick yourself up, up off the floor.

Wipe the tears from off your face because the cops are knocking on the door

They're gonna want to know whats up. Better tell them that you fell

Cos if they see the bruises on my face, they're probably taking both of us to jail.

I'm sick and tired of fighting each other, the lying, the crying, the calling of your mother, The calling of names, I'm bothered and smothered, We kiss and make up and get under the covers, This dangerous cycle I don't understand, The kicking and screaming and breaking of lamps, "I'll be damned if I see you with some other man, If I cannot have you then nobody can"

Woah, This will be the end of us, and I have tried, way too many times, to heal.

And I have loved you so much it hurts me dear, and this, this will be the end of us.

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