Chapter two

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Dylan P.O.V
"Wake up Gray, it's 04:30!" Grayson grunts and turns his head towards me. "Why so early?" He asked knowing why. "We have to workout, shower, then go to the Nightshade meeting before school." Sighing I have to bring out the big guns.

I grab a bucket and fill it with ice cold water. "Last chance Gray." He doesn't make a sound. "Alright." I pull the sheets back and dump all the water on him. "Dude what the fuck!"

I try to hold in my laughter but I didn't succeed. " I told you to get up."
After we 'pumped some iron' I ended up taking a shower first and once I was done getting dressed I started to make our protein shakes before the meeting.

When I finished with the shakes Gray came down with everything and grabbed his shake. "Come on Dylan I want to get close seats." And with that I grabbed my stuff and headed to the main building.

Grayson P.O.V
Once Trevor walked through the door of the room we all began to settle down. "Alright guys you know the drill. We have a new target for today is Megan James the daughter of the James's, and yes the leaders of the Milan gang."

Trevor glances at Dylan and I. "Those bastards killed our mom!" I yell. "Yes Gray that's why I'm giving you and Dylan this mission. Word has it she going under a different name, we don't know the name so keep a look out. She is 18 and is going to Riley High, from what my sources tell me. We have no idea why she is here, but my best guess is to spy on us and report back to her family. My source said there are no known pictures of her so be extra cautious. Alright Dylan and Grayson go head to school or you will be late. I will finish briefing you later."

We both get up and head to school.
As we park in the parking lot I stare at Dylan. "So what are your thoughts about that girl being here?" I ask "Well the sooner we find her the better."

And that's what was all spoken before we headed to the main entrance.
Ten minutes into class and I already get called down to the office. Dylan and I exchange confused looks before I get out of my seat. "Hurry up and get back Mr. Avery we have a quiz to start." The teacher stated before I left.

Elle P.O.V

"Shit I'm already late." I rush into the bathroom and take a quick shower because I have to make the right impression on my first day.

I guess you can say I'm a multitasker, I'm currently blow drying my hair and doing make up at the same time. Once I perfected my blood red lipstick I head out the door.

Once I arrive at the school my hair is already dry so I quickly brush it to reveal perfectly straight hair. Then I check my outfit and I'm ready to go.

I walk into the office with my black thigh high boots, light-blue ripped jeans and a white crop top, and to top it all off my black leather jacket.

My stance powerful I eye the receptionist who looks like they are about to have a heart attack. "I had to get some gas." I say luring straight through my pearly white teeth and she nods.

"You must be Elle Walker, I'm Mrs Black the principal of Riley High." Oh my lord her black silky hair is wrapped into the tightest twist bun I have ever seen. She looks me up and down and offers her had out to shake it.

I pop in some bubble gum instead of shaking her hand. "Well, ms. Walker this is Grayson he will be showing you around the building for today." I look towards my left and see the boy siting in the red chair.

He looked up and our eyes connected. Holy mother of god. Those light chocolate eyes can make any girl melt, but I had to pretend not to notice so I rolled my eyes.

When I looked back at him curiosity and amusement danced within his eyes. He had short brown hair with some highlights. Nothing really special about that. My eyes traveled down to his jawline.

Hot damn I bet if I swipe my finger across his jawline I would get a cut. And those cheekbones makes his eyes pop out. My eyes wonder down to his arms and his chest, good lord he is so buff like holy shit what have I gotten myself into.

Mrs. Black causes me to snap back for my stargazing. "I've talked to mr. Fox to let him know you won't be in first period. Miss Walker, and you Grayson have the same classes so it shouldn't be that hard for you miss Walker."

And with that she left.
Grayson got up and started to walk toward the door so I followed him. "Alright," I told myself "keep it together." After a couple of minutes I got bored. "Do you want to offer me a piece of that gum or what?" He said looking directly at me.

"No I'm good." I say quite pleased with myself. He leaned against the locker and didn't say a word. "Well if you're gonna stand there all day and waste my time I'm going to leave." I said slightly annoyed "This is your locker, what's your name again?"

He pointed at the red rusted locker. "Elle." I start to put my stuff in it when I feel a pair of eyes drilling into me. "What?" I ask. "So Elle where are you from?" He questions. "Where I used to live." I reply smoothly.

Grayson takes a step towards me and stares at me intensely. "I'm trying to figure you out." He cocks his left eyebrow and leans once again against a locker. I look away from his gaze and roll my eyes.

"Are you going to show me my classes or what?" I said annoyed. "Your locker is beside mine and my brothers." He stated "Brother?"
"Yeah I have a twin, you will meet him next period."
"Cool, I have never met twins before."

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