Chapter one

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Graysons P.O.V

      Just keep calm. A sigh escapes my mouth before I can catch it. "I know you're out there." I say mumbling under my breath.

Uneasiness washes over me. It's pitch black all around, the only light is right above me beaming down, causing me to sweat more. Crouched down in a fighting stance, the hair on my neck begin to rise. I pivot to the left and punch nothing but air.

       "You've got to be quicker than that Gray, now concentrate, damn it!" Dylan exasperated.

The wind changes to the right, but I'm too late. Dylan pounces on me. I stumble to the left and grab his wrist and twist. Swinging my right foot connects with his stomach. Bingo!

He winces in pain but quickly recovers and has me on the ground in seconds. "Alright Liam turn on the lights." I hear the disappoint in Trevor's voice. Trevor is the leader of the Nightshade Gang. He got Dylan and I out of the foster care system.

Trevor has fully accepted us in his gang, he taught us all he knows. Trevor's booming voice brings me back, "Grayson you are hesitating when you turn. You may be the muscle of you two but Dylan is the brains. He calculates your moves." Trevor sighs and lifts his head up.

"Alright everybody go home for the night. Dylan, Grayson, you two lock up tonight," he looks at the time, " you guys know the drill, and go to sleep at a decent time tonight you have school tomorrow." He looks at me knowingly that I hate school. Dylan and I nod in agreement. Then Trevor left without another word.

  We started to head out around eleven. "Hey Gray?"
"Don't forget, I wrote your essay and it's on your nightstand." Dylan says as he locks the glass doors of the facility. "Thanks Dylan."

  "Dude we have a month left until we graduate, we need to finish our senior project."
"Yeah, yeah. I just can't wait to get out, I fucking hate school, like why does Trevor want us to do this anyway, it's bullshit." I exclaimed. "You know why, he wants us to be better off when we run the gang, so we aren't stupid." Dylan explains. "Whatever I'm done with this conversation."

As I hop into the drivers seat of our silver Jeep Wrangler.
  We head to our 'living quarters' as Trevor calls it. It's basically four houses that connect to each other on the same property. Dylan and I have the smallest one all to ourselves. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small living room with the modern kitchen connecting to it.

When you first walk into the house you see the kitchen and dining room that has a table that seats four. Then their is a hallway that has all three bedrooms and the bathroom. The spare room has the second bathroom.

Also the basement, we use for our home-gym . The other houses have the rest of gang and have our weapons, training rooms, and each house has a basement with tunnels to connect to the others. So if we were ever attacked we have an escape route.

When we pull in our driveway, exhaustion hits me hard and I walk up to the door waiting impatiently for Dylan to unlock the door. Once he does I head to the bathroom and take a quick shower and get to bed  .

   Elle's  P.O.V
    "Okay Elle you can do this." I tell myself as I walk into the motel 6 room. Three stars my ass. There is a damn hole in the wall next to the twin bed and a really awful stained carpet.

As I look around it occurred to me that the stains looked like blood. Yup this is definitely where a person was murdered. I roll my two pieces of luggage through the door and quickly close the door and lock it. "It's better than home." I shiver at the thought, that was never a home. I try to erase the horrible memories flooding back.

I touch my upper thighs to feel the long narrow scars through these thin black leggings and wince at the pain. At least I have enough money to last for a while. I did buy a car from one of those cheap dealerships.

Alright Elle you can do this, you have school tomorrow. No more being a scared, sweet, depressive, antisocial freak . It's time to change, new state, new school, new name, new life. I'm glad that I bought new clothes, because I have to look the part of a badass if I'm going to act like one.

I catch a look of myself in the body mirror, "I'm not so bad," I say to myself, "but, this leather jacket makes my curves look really good." My long, curly brown hair touches my lower back.

I look closer in the mirror and see all my freckles spread out on my cheeks. Inhaling a deep breath I close my eyes and exhale.

First things first, pick out clothes for school and brush my teeth and go to sleep. It's gonna be a long day tomorrow.

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