Chapter four

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"Let me go." I say. He smiles and pulls me closer. Our lips connect and he squeezes my perfectly shaped ass with his other hand.

He lets me go and my fist went flying. I hit his jaw so hard he fumbles back. Jack takes his hand and wipes the spot where my ring cut him. My hand starts to throb and Mr.Bates walks in.

"What happened here!" He yells. The class was so quiet you could hear a butterfly wings clapping together. Dylan quickly stood up, "Mr.Bates, Jack forced Elle out of her seat and sexually harassed her,  so she stood up for herself.

And punched his jaw." Dylan was so calm as he spoke, but Grayson had a vein popping out of his forehead. "Is that true miss Walker?" Mr. Bates asked. "Yes it is." I reply still angry.

I was now holding my hand. Mr. Bates ended up sending Jack to the office. While he had Dylan escort me to the nurses office.

Before I left the class room I gave Grayson a little smile to indicate that I'm ok. "Come on Elle, lets get that hand checked out." Dylan patiently waited for me at the door frame and we left. "I would have done the same thing back there." Dylan remarked. "We haven't been properly introduced, I'm Dylan Avery."
He holds out his hand for me to shake. "Nice to meet you, I'm Elle." I say accepting his hand shake. Damn he has a tight grip. "Let me see that hand of yours." I hesitate, at first but I get the feeling I can trust him. Dylan gently grabs my hand to inspect it. A bruise has already started to form. "Ouch."

He says trying to hold back his smirk. "I have been through a lot worse," I say raising my hand to inspect it, "this is nothing." I say instantly regretting. Come on Elle it's your first day and you already bring up your past. Damn it.

Dylan looked concerned but he quickly covers it up. "I had to restrain Gray back there," I look at him shocked, " he was about to beat the shit out of Jack."  I'm stunned we just met and he is already kinda protecting me. "I'll text Gray to bring our stuff to the nurses office." He says while taking out his phone. "Okay."

I look at my knuckles again and notice two little cuts on my ring finger. "We are here. I will wait outside for you." Dylan opens the door for me and ushers me in. "You must be Elle, Mr. Bates told me you were on your way. Now let me take a look at your hand." She was an older woman maybe about in her sixties. Gray hair was springing out from her braid.

"Take a seat dear, I'm not going to bite." She looks at Dylan and smiles. "Thank you Dylan for escorting her here now shoo."

"I'm gonna wait for Gray out here Elle." And before I can say anything he shuts the door. "You should be careful with those boys miss Elle."

Her sweet voice sang in a hushed whisper. Now my curiosity has spiked. "Why?"

"Lets just say that I have had to fix them up every now and again." She starts to wrap the Ace bandage around my hand. "So does that mean they get in a lot of fights or something?" "You really don't know?" She cocks both of her eyebrows. "No" I say starting to get worried. "They are Night-shaders, you know the ruthless gang."

My heart drops I know that gang. My face goes white. "Just be careful Elle. Those boys don't give me trouble. They have always been nice to me. I fix them up every now and again."

Once she finishes wrapping my hand I stand up about to head out the door when I realize I don't know her name.

"Ma'am I didn't catch your name." "Sorry dear my name is Debra but you can call me Debby." The bell rings indicating that it's lunch time. "Bye Debby." I say and head out the door.

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