Table of lies are now turning!

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      "Amanda look I told you I got a girlfriend I can't keep doing this shit with you". I said to her at my locker. She was getting bold by the day she was now showing up to me the apartment where I was staying with Angel . At my locker and car everyday and now today she was at my locker soon as I walked out of my class .
"You didn't care about having that girlfriend when you been with me". I sigh out of anger and said "come on you really thought I was going to leave my girl for you Amanda be real"?
"What we got here"? I looked to the side of me and there was Angel and her cousin.
I quickly said "nothing baby nothing".
       Amanda laughed and said "you ain't shit boy tell her how you been fucking with me".
Angel looked at me and crossed her arms "oh really"? I rubbed my hand down my face and glared at Amanda.
"Girl your man don't want you neither that baby that's what he told me". Amanda said the bitch was now lying because I never said no shit like that.
"Oh you don't"? Angel said calmly, but I could see that she was getting mad.
"Angel you know I didn't say no shit like that she's lying"! Next thing I know I get slapped hard as fuck and now a crowd had formed .
       "Angel she's lying"? I said holding my face .
"You want that she can have you I'm out find somewhere else to lay your head".
I couldn't lose my girl and unborn child so I went after her and we ended up outside .
"Angel wait..." I grabbed her turning her around seeing her red eyes she was crying .
"Whaaaaattttt Reggie"?
"I never said anything like that to her you have to believe me". I said holding her hands so she won't walk off from me.
"You had sex with her"? She asked me.
"Nah. All she did was suck my dick that's it" I lied.
        "Your lying you better tell me the truth right now". I couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth because I knew if I did she'd leave me alone for real.
"I'm tell you the truth alright the bitch is lying" she looked me up and down.
"Come on Angel I know what I did was wrong alright I'm sorry".
Quiet she nodded her head "come on let go to the apartment".
I laid in bed asleep when I felt someone sit on top of me. Smiling I opened my eyes and there on top of me was Angel with a knife to my throat.
        "Angel what the hell"? I said afraid for my life . This was one of those big ass butcher knifes was she going to cut me or something.
"You cheat on me again I'm lashing your shit no hesitation". She said so calmly that it was scary as hell. She leaned down and kissed me and said "understand baby daddy"? All I could do was nod my head . She flipped off me and with the knife left the room leaving me traumatized.

      I needed to get my hands on this dude Lee who thought it was okay to try and get with my wife.
"So what you going to do"? Dallas said to me over the phone.
"What I know best" I said back.
"Well you know me and Corey is just a phone call away cause that nigga really cross the line". I sigh and said "yea I know just this wasn't what I had planned when I moved to DC son this was suppose to be our fresh start".
Dallas replied "okay then let me and Corey come up there and handle it for you, then you don't have to get your hands dirty".
        "Call em for me see if he's done being sad over his divorce and is willing to help me out"? Dallas replies with a chuckle "I'm pretty sure he is the kid has done moved on and everything so I'll give you a call when I get in touch with him".
"Okay good...good and then we'll go from there".
         After getting off the phone Ro comes into my office. I wasn't even trying to talk to her she had kept this shit from me for a while and I was still mad about it.
"Cre you gotta talk to me sometime I'm your wife" she said.
"Oh now your my wife if that was the case you would've told me from the jump what the fuck was going on. I think you liked that niggas attention".
"Cre really we going there"? She said with attitude.
"Yes Roshonda we are going there man why you even in here talking to me"?
"How many times I gotta say sorry"? I looked up and replied "until I feel like your ass mean it. I'm out ".

"Cre you leave this house I might not be here when you get back"! She yelled behind me

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"Cre you leave this house I might not be here when you get back"! She yelled behind me.
"I don't even think I would give a fuck"!!!

      After practice I saw Kiya sitting on the bleachers waiting for me. I smiled and she smiled back waving . I couldn't wait to take her home and get into them draws again.
Dapping up the boys to leave when I got to Rodney he said to me "bruh looks like your old side chick is heading over to you new girl". He didn't say it to loud since he was the only one that knew me and Veronica use to talk while she was with Zay.
      I looked up in the bleacher and saw Veronica heading over to Kiya. This wasn't good because Veronica looked annoyed.
"Shit bruh let me go handle that before they make a scene". I immediately hurried up the bleachers and I heard Veronica say "these are closed practices no one needs to be in here".
"Girl please I'm here waiting on my boyfriend you know Rj".
I walked up when Veronica said "you need to leave and leave now girl don't you got a ball to throw up in the air".
         "Bruh what the fuck is the problem"? I asked.
Kiya responded "this jealous bitch trying to tell me this is a closed practice, but she haven't gone to nobody else that's in here, but she came to me after watching me since I came through the door".
"Veronica what's your problem"? I said turning my attention to her.
Veronica looked at me and then back to Kiya and before I could blink she swung and missed, but Kiya came back and swung and it connected punching Veronica right in the jaw.
       Next thing I know their fighting on the bleachers. Phone came out and they began recording Veronica getting her ass best. When I saw coach I quickly got Kiya off Veronica while the other girls from the cheer squad pulled Veronica away.
"Babe you need to calm down" I said to Kiya.
"She swung on me first Rj that bitch just fought me over you ain't no bitch fighting over no nigga she hasn't fucked did you lie to me"?

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