Part 18

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I pat Lily's back while looking at Zen with a fake smile. Zen nods, innocently. I turn to Lily and she calms down and pays her chest.

"So! Lily, shall we get going?" I asked her, wanting to leave the guy.

Lily obediently nods, understanding my feelings and with that, we left the handsome guy and went to class.

——————Ewin's Box——————


Ppa! Pa! Ppaa!

The deep breathing and gasps could be heard in the hot room. A small delicate girl in the room. Her face was covered with drops of sweat.

Everyone could see her red flaming eyes which was concentrated on the punching bag. No one could tell what she was thinking.

After a few more punches, I go over to the bench and grabbed the small towel and wiped my face with it before sitting down and taking a drink.

As I was drinking my water, I felt someone's presence behind me. Very familiar too. I placed my water down right besides me and suddenly coughed.

Meanwhile, Nick who was sneaking up behind her, stopped when he heard her cough all the sudden. He noticed her grabbing her water again and drink it again. He was worried about her and changed his thought about scaring her.

And no, he doesn't like her!!! He's more on the sister side...not the younger sister but more like the older sister!

He let out of breath that he didn't know he was holding and quietly walked over to her and put his hands on her tense shoulders.

"You okay?" He asked her in a worried tone as he massaged her shoulders.

I leaned back at his hands and let myself be comfortable. I let out a satisfied sigh as he moves his hands on shoulders in a skillful way.

"I'm better than okay, Nick. Thanks for asking." I said as I drown into his touch.

He keeps silent as he noticed how my shoulders relaxed.

"Wow, Nick. Your hands feels great. Did you..take some classes? Because this feel like deja vu..."
I said to him as his hands moved on accurate spots.

"Yeah, I took them when I was a teen." He replied.

"Ehh?? A teen? GASP, Yet you didn't tell me???" I dramatically asked with a hand on my chest.

He chuckled and adds,

"You never asked."

I pouted But was again, drowned into his magical hands. I moan in satisfaction. I closed my eyes.

"What happen at school today?" He suddenly asks. My eyes shot open with flames and I released myself from his hands and turn to face him with full determination to tell him.

"You won't believe this!!! You know that guy I talked about, Zen."

He nods.

"Okay, So in class, before class even started! I was in acting mode right! And we were talking about something and then he saids that he knows I'm acting to be stupid and will keep my—"

—————25 minutes later————

"Okay so?" Nick saids.

"That's it? That's all your going to sa— Duudee, he's suspicious!!! How did he know all of this??" I asked again, still in shock.

Nick shrugs in boredom.

"I don't know? Maybe, because you are bad at acting—"


He ignored my glare.

"—or maybe acting is not for you?" He finish his sentence with his 'I don't care' look.

Then he felt an aura in front of him and he looked and saw an scary, small, angry blonde girl with red demon eyes, looking at his as if he was going to die.

He quickly scolds himself in his mind and turns to Eve who was thinking about how to handle him in different ways.

"E-Eve? Hey, hey. I was just joking—"

"Joking my butt!! Come here, and let me give you a punch and a kick or more!!!" I charged at him.

He ran,

"B-but hey!! I..I gave you a massage!!!" He defended himself!


Meanwhile with the staff and customers...





"It's always Nick who blows her off.."

"Wow, I can hear the screams...haha, Nick has it tough."

"Go beat him, Eve-senpai!! We will support you!!"

"Another day, another rampage.."

"A-aren't you guys not worried?"

"Pfft! He'll be fine! It's Nick after all! Besides, Eve didn't say she'll kill him, she said she'll give him a punch and a kick or... more."

"Ara, ara~ Looking at this reminds me when I was young..." an old man laughed as he saw his son getting beat up by an angry boss.

The old man turn to look at the middle aged man.

"Who's the girl?" The middle aged asked.

The old man sat on the chair and continued to look at the two youngsters.

"That's Eve. She's the boss of this company. Although, she is a high schooler, she can handle her job very well. She's talented." The old man complimented her.

The middle aged suddenly thought of his youngest daughter, who gave him the toasted bread and her cute smile. He suddenly grew curious.

"Does she have a last name?" He asked.

The old man frown.

", I don't think she mention her last name ever since my son introduced her to me. Why? Are you curious? Is Mr. Vangelia curious about the boss of this company?" The old man taunted him with a smile.

The middle aged man shook his head. Although, he was sure that his daughter was at home, he felt like a sudden force in him, denying it.

He stood up from his seat and looked at the blonde hair girl. Her back was facing him so he wasn't sure if she was his daughter but the body of hers told him, it was.

He frowned. He just came back from a business trip in Thailand and wanted to visit his old friend. What he didn't expect was HIS daughter to be here, beating his friend's son like a boss. Speaking of boss, she was the boss of the company who was earning thousands, millions of dollars.

This company was the always at the top 3. The company had everything. A gym, a stage, a restaurant, library, a clothing store, everything! And his youngest daughter, was the boss of the top 3 company.

He's still confused although he knows she was a genius but he doesn't know if she was stupid and then cured by a skillful doctor or if she was just acting stupid all along.

He decided to return home and asks his wife about his daughter.

Meanwhile with Eve, She already saw her father coming into the building to visit Nick's father when she came back from school. She smirked evilly before heading inside.


Oh my god, it's her father!!!


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