Chapter 31 Anything You Want

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Hey guys. I'm sick. Just thought you should know that..;) Might not be an update for a bit since I'm having wirter's block.. I'm tired, so I don't really have a lot to say.

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Chapter 31

***Claudia's POV***

I woke up with an aching body. Guess that's what happens when you sleep in a cave. I looked next to me and saw that Harry wasn't there.

"Harry?" I called. No answer. Guess I was going to have to find him. I crawled out of the cave, and tried to stand up. I crumpled to the ground,

"HARRY!" I screamed.


The leaves rustled, and Harry crawled- more like scuttled- over.

"Babe, why are you on the ground?" He cocked his head like a dog.

"I'm still a bit dizzy," I said, trying to stand up again.

"NO! You can't stand up!" He yelled.

"Well then," I said, dizzily crawling back to the cave.

"No! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" He exclaimed, crawling after me.

I laid down with my back to Harry and stared at the wall. I wasn't really mad. Just a bit annoyed. It was more experimental than anything else. Like, what would he do?

Harry laid down beside me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder. Cue the butterflies.

"Babe..," He whispered, sending a chill through my body.

I ignored him, somehow not melting at his voice and keeping a straight face.

"Come on," He begged, "If you forgive me, I'll give you anything you want!"

"Anything?" I turned around to face him.

"Anything. Anything at all- Hey, you talked!"

"I wasn't really mad. But back to you giving me anything I wanted..."

He sighed, "What do you-"

I cut him off my crashing my lips onto his.

"You," I whispered, resting my head against his chest. Where did that come from?

"Always," He replied, pulling me closer.

***Liam's POV***

I woke to the sound of voices. The clock read 6:43. Eh, may as well get up.

Danielle was still sleeping peacefully. Aw, she looked so cute. I pressed my lips to her forehead and went to find the source of the noise,

I walked into the living room to Zayn having a breakdown, "THAT'S IT, I'M CALLING SEARCH AND RESCUE!" He screamed.

I saw that it was only Zayn, Louis, and I awake, "You told them to get out and wait if there was a thunderstorm. They're probably just held over," I jumped into the conversation.

"Liam's right," Louis agreed.

"No he's not! There's a HURRICANE coming in! They could DIE! I'm calling, like it or not!" Zayn declared.

"No, I'll call," I compromised.

"LET ME!" Louis screamed.

"No..," I said, already dialing the number. He pouted for a minute, then burst into real tears, "Normally..I would...fake cry on-on-on- HAZZA'S SHOULDER!" He sobbed. Zayn started to cry, too. I stood there, wide-eyed, and hung up.

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