LAL ch.6

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Elena's POV


Stefan was driving and Damon was in the backseat. I wanted to get home. I had just gotten enough of everyone in the same room and I didn't want to have to deal with it again. I rested my head against the door.

I hadn't thought about Dean in a while. I was only friends with him, nothing could happen. I had actually gotten over him very easily. I was worried about Briana though. Dean loved her, I could tell, but it was too dangerous.

"Your sister is adorable." Damon stated. I lifted my head.

"Stay away from her Damon." I said looking back at him from the front seat.

"No promises." Damon said with a smirk. I wasn't that worried though, she was with Dean and Sam. Once she came over tomorrow I would make sure she had vervain.

We got back to the boarding house and I had already decided I was going to stay with Stefan tonight. We got out of the car and went inside.

I was going upstairs and stopped. Damon was standing in the living room with his drink. I turned around and he looked up.

"Night Damon." I said.

"Good night Elena." He said with one of his smiles. I sighed and went upstairs with Stefan right behind me. We got to his room and I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. He smiled and wrapped his arms around my back.

"I missed our time together." I said.

"Yes, I have too. We haven't gotten any alone time lately with Damon following everywhere." He said.

"He thinks he has a chance at trying to get Briana. It worries me though. He can be persuasive. Why didn't you talk to him about what he said in the car?" I asked. Stefan shrugged.

"I didn't think he was serious." He said simply.

"What if he was Stefan. I don't want him near Briana." I said. Stefan didn't seem to care. How could he not care about my sister? She was my family.

"I just didn't find it relevant Elena." He said. I backed away from him.

'What? You didn't find it relevant to you or us?" I said. He didn't answer me. I walked towards the door.

"Elena." He called. I ignored him as I walked down the stairs. I didn't see Damon, but I didn't care, I needed to go home. I walked out the door and got in my car and went home.


Briana's POV

I got up and looked at the door. I could've sworn I heard something. I looked at Dean and Sam, they were both asleep. I went to the door and quietly opened it. I went outside and didn't see anything. Then I saw Damon leaning against the wall. I sighed and closed the door behind me.

"What do you want?" I said with my arms crossed.

"Not much." He said with a smile. He walked towards me. I stayed where I was.

"Why are you here?" I asked. I was tired and wanted to get back in. In seconds he was in front of me. I gasped.

"I'm here for you." He put his hand on my back and I pushed him away.

"You should go." I said. I wanted to go back in to Dean, but Damon wouldn't let me. He stood in front of me, I looked into his piercing blue eyes. I looked away and turned around, going back in. I sighed as I went back to bed. I got as close to Dean as I could and he wrapped his arms around me. I felt safe again.

In the morning I woke up to the smell of donuts and coffee. I got up and saw Sam laying down drinking. I looked over at Dean. He was watching the t.v. with his arm around me. He kissed me and I smiled.

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