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Axel's POV

The girl thrashes in her bindings, her body arching up. She lets out a scream into the ball gag in her mouth. Issac digs his nails into her pale skin, drawing more tears from her eyes.

Her hands tighten into fists and she turns her head to the side, still screaming. "Come on, Emma. Scream for me. Louder," Issac commands, turning up the cattle prod and pressing it against her inner thigh.

She throws her head around, slamming it against the table under her. I grab her head, stopping her from hitting her head on the table again.

She screams again and I look away, focusing on the cracks in the cement floor. "I told you what would happen if you ended up here again, Emma. I told you that you would regret it," Issac taunts. His words draw me back towards the scene before me.

Scene as in view, there is only one consenting party here.

I feel sick to my stomach seeing the welt starting to form on her inner thigh. Sobs shake the girl I'm holding down and I feel sick, grimy, wicked.

I watch Issac removing the cattle prod from her inner thigh to press it against her hip for a second, making her jump. "You must not have believed me. Do you believe me now?" He asks her, going higher and hitting her nipple.

She lets out another scream and starts to thrash again. Her hands nearly slip from the cuffs and I pin them down with one hand, making her thrash and panic more. She fights me, but if I had let her try to yank her hands out of the cuffs, she would have skinned her hands.

"I told you that if your name ever showed up on the punishment list again that I would make you suffer," he taunts her, hitting her with another pulse from the cattle prod.

Her weak arms fight my grip, but I'm so much larger and stronger than her, she can't even get my hold to falter or budge for a second.

Her wide blue eyes beg me for mercy as Issac continues, sending more and more voltage through her poor body. Her screams fill my ears and the vision of her screaming and arching up in pain is scarred into my retinas.

Even past when she passes out, I can't seem to forget the way her begging eyes pleaded for mercy.

"Well, that was fun," Issac says, throwing the cattle prod down on the table as he lets out a sigh.

I just nod my head, releasing the girls wrists. It's not until I release her wrists that I release how hard I've been gripping her.

Dark bruisers cover both her wrists now and a feeling of shame over takes me.

It hadn't been my intention to hurt her more. If only I wasn't so big, I might be able to tell my own strength. Maybe then I could get a job with subs where I was better for more than just punishing them.

The girl, Emma, lays unconscious across the steel table as I unstrap her stomach and legs. "Do you want the next one? I think it's Penny? She's a screamer too," Issac asks, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I shake my head, not wanting to be the one doing the hurting.

"Oh you can just leave her. She can find her way back to her cage when she wakes up," Issac says, waving a dismissive hand when he sees me about to pick up Emma.

I look down at the poor thing before nodding and letting her be.

It's late and I want to get home. We should just get on with our next appointment. Issac is right, Emma will be fine.

Her welts aren't life threatening and she is more than capable of finding her way back to her cage.

In an ideal world she would receive aftercare, but this isn't an ideal world. After all, she was just punished for not waking up on time.

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