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'twelve am'

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'twelve am'

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twelve am was the time when people did all sorts of wild activities; making tea, reading, watching porn, painting, gaming, getting drunk, getting high...

it was also the time that katsuki had clicked the link to lavender hotline.

he watched as the link sent him to an app, then watched as it downloaded in a mere minute.

he clicked, his expression somewhat blank as the chill background of the app popped up, the lavender colour a soothing and aesthetic sight to his slightly tired eyes as the circle spun in the middle of the screen, indicating that it was loading.

a terms and service agreement popped up and he made sure to read through it thoroughly, as well as making sure he understood what he was getting himself into.

suprisingly, nothing seemed sketchy.

mina was right for once— there was tons of security.

in fact, you needed a digital copy of your student id card and your student number that was required in order to validate that you were under 18. it also gave a facial scan and asked you to do various things to validate it was your face and not a picture (i.e. stick your tongue out, put a spoon on your head.)

in the hotlines defense, it was a pretty smart move. it would indeed validate that you were a teenager and not some creepy pedo-- but at the same time, halfway through putting a spoon atop his head, it made katsuki wonder if it was really worth all of the trouble and slightly humiliating things he was doing in order to prove himself of his identity.

he sighed, deciding that all he could do was thank whoever was up above, whether it be the rock or obama, that he was in his locked dorm where no one could see him doing this dumb shit.

finally it let him create somewhat of a profile.

it asked for his name, location, school, exact age, music and etc interests, and some other things that would make it so that the app could calibrate a compatible person for him.

he didnt mind answering the specific questions. he secretly hoped that he would find someone he could really mesh with.

twelve am seemed to last forever as the app worked to calibrate someone compatible for him. someone that would match him nicely. a soulmate perhaps?

are soulmates even real?

twelve am always tended to put those kinds of thoughts in his head, the only difference now being that he might possibly be able to actually have someone. to actually find a possible soulmate?

he wished twelve am would stop making him feel and think these things.

finally he was connected to server, which then connected him to an employee of lavender hotline.

"hello?" the cheery voice asked, "is this katsuki bakugou?"

katsuki hurriedly but the phone up to this year. "yeah."

"perfect!" the boys voice cheered over the line once more, "i'm max and i'll be your lavender guide for today. if you could kindly do me the favour of putting me on speaker phone, i'll be happy to show you the basics of the app and then connect you to your match!"

oh, katsuki couldn't help but think, its one of those types of people.

the overly cheery, "i'm only doing this for the money but if i seem happy i'll get a raise!" types of employees, and people, that katsuki could hardly stand. still, he kept in mind that this could potentially be good for him and to just hold his tongue and be as nice as he possibly could.

expect he didn't.

"are you always like this?" katsuki slipped, mentally cursing himself as he had literally just gave himself the talking to about being nice.

thankfully the guy, max, laughed.

"yeah, sorry. i just get excited about helping people find love! it's cool to see people connect and become a couple— i've heard a few of the seventeen year olds got married after they graduated! crazy, right?"

"uh... yeah." was all katsuki could muster in response. so maybe this max guy wasn't as bad as he initially thought, but if he saw him in the hallways at school he wouldn't wave to him or nothing.

but them again, who did katsuki wave to in the halls?

moving on, katsuki complied and put him on speaker, listening as max walked him through the various buttons and shit the app contained, as well as how to reach him in case something was wrong with his match (i.e. incase they were a pedo) or if something was wrong with the app, as max was going to be his "lavender hotline guide for life."

oh, great, he thought grimly, i'm stuck with him.

finally it came to the part that katsuki had been waiting for: his match.

max disconnected with a cheery goodbye and an explanation that he would let katsuki read the persons profile for himself and then he could message them.

so, at twelve am, katsuki read about his match.

NAME ; [y/n] 🥰

AGE ; 17 !!


MUSIC ; [music]

INTERESTS ; [interests]

EYE COLOUR ; [e/c]??

HAIR COLOUR ; [h/c]????

BLOOD TYPE ; im not giving yall that information smh government can come at me fr 😤🙌

QUIRK ; ask me nerd :)

ZODIAC ; what kinda tumblr bullshit is this

he couldnt help but let out a soft chuckle; this girl was obviously very chaotic, but it was stupid enough to make him laugh.

twelve am was when he dm'd the girl who he'd grow to love.

To be Continued...
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