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after brandon and i had breakfast, i went back to zion's room to get my charger since i left it in there.

completely ignoring his presence, i walked to the side of the room where i kept my stuff at and unplugged my charger from the outlet in the wall and walked back out, stopping in my tracks when zion called my name.


"hmm" i turn my head to him

"can we talk ?" he asks softly and i walk back towards him, standing by the bed "sit" he pats next to him

i took a deep breath and sat where he wanted me to.

"yes ?"

"i'm sorry about the other day, i didn't want you to have the wrong impression of me. i wasn't just tryna to be a jerk or nothing but i just think it's too soon, for me. i do like you and maybe with time i can love you" he holds my hands

"i understand z, but i think we're better off as just friends"

"is that what you want ?" he asks and i nod "so, friends ?" he holds his arms out for a hug

"friends" i hug him back before quickly letting go

"you can still sleep in my room if you want" he suggests

"i'll be in brandon's" i walked to get my duffle bag and walk back to brandon's room

brandon was alone in his room just sitting on his phone.

"hey vic" he smiles and i smile back, planning my duffle bag on the floor so i could look through it

"hey" i mumble, getting annoyed when i realized i forgot to back something

"what's wrong ?"

"i forgot my skin care shit in psychos house" i roll my eyes and close up my bag

"you wanna go buy some ? i'll take you" he suggests making me smile

"whenever i think you can't get any better, you say things like that" i compliment him

"i tryyyy" he laughs "you ready ?" he asks grabbing his keys and i nod


we just pulled up in the walmart parking lot and brandon has just turned off the car.

"hold up wait a minute because we look sun kissed" i stare at myself in the camera and he laughs "take a picture with me" i tell him and he leans in closer to me

"aww you look so cute send me that i wanna post it" he smiles

"you gonna post it ?"

"yeah why not, if that's good with you"

"it's good, just don't @ me because you know" i tilt my head and he nods, already inferring what i meant

"of course i won't" he smiles

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