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i woke up to vicki still in my arms, holding onto me like her life depended on it. i laughed to myself a little while staring over at her, i couldn't help but feel empathetic towards her. such a loving soul with a broken heart.

although it's only been a few weeks since i met her, i already knew she was a good person just by how she acted when she first got here. willing to help out with anything she could, offering to cook or pay for anything we ordered, even helping nick clean his sneakers since we all know he keeps them spotless.

from what i learned about her this past week, she cares about others more than she cares about herself. i don't think anyone in her life has put her as their main priority before, but honestly, she deserves the world.

now that she's staying with us, i have to get her out of the habit of prioritizing everyone else before herself.

"vic" i shake her a little


"wake up"

"five more minutes" she mumbles and i roll my eyes playfully, and got up from under her and walked to the kitchen

i remembered victoria telling one of the boys that her favorite food is pancakes because you can eat them at any time of day so i started making some. the only issue being, i might just be the worst cook in the house.

you would think making something as simple as pancakes would be something effortless and easy but this was definitely going bad for me. the batter not being the right texture because i put way too much water in the mix so i started adding more batter mix in, ending with me turning the book to high and too much mix going in it.

i took off my glasses which had a little bit of batter on it when it splashed and buried my face in my palms before just pouring the batter into the pan, making different sizes.

almost everyone i made ended up breaking when i flipped them but. mean, they might still be edible.

"brandon ?" vicki approaches me still half asleep

"good morning" i fake smile

"what're you doing you look stressed" she comes closer to me and bursts out laughing when she sees the mess i made

"making pancakes ?" i answer for like a question

"that's supposed to be a pancake ?" she laughs looking down what was supposed to be a pancake

"i'm trying here" i laugh back

"give me the spatula" she puts her hand out but i move it back

"nooo, i'm making them for youuu, if you do it then that defeats the purpose" i whine and look at the pan to see one of them almost burning

she just rolls her eyes and snatches the spatula, placing all the pancakes on a plate and handing it to me.

"now we're start this over and i'm gonna pretend i didn't help you, go on" she walks away from walking back into the kitchen "good morning brandon" she fake smiles

"good morning vic" i laugh "i made pancakes" i chant

"wowww for me" she fakes and walks towards me

"just for you" i place the plate on the table and pull out the chair for her

"how sweetttt" she goes along and i laugh

"this was beyond ugly" i shake my head and she nods

"you know what though ? these pancakes don't even taste bad" she laughs "try it" she cuts a piece and feeds it to me

"ayeee they don't !" i dance around in celebration making her laugh again

"thank you though b, i appreciate it" she smiles

"of course"

a/n- brandon is me tryna cook 😔☝🏼

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