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Sophia's POV
Blood was dripping down from my body and onto the ground. My wolf was weak. They kept objecting my with silver and wolfsbane non stop. They laced my wounds with silver so they wouldn't heal.

I had no strength to stand back up on the wall. They've hit everywhere except my stomach. My arms had lost so much blood in them from being hung up so long.

I haven't even been here for an hour and I already feel worn out. My clothes were torn and soaked with my blood. My wolf was tired and trying to heal. I tried linking Titus but it was blocked. I hope he found my letter. It explains to him how to find me.

"I guess you've had a long enough break," Adrian's voice boomed from the stairwell. It's been 7 minutes. There was a table of weapons in the corner of the room. He picked up a gun and a few silver bullets.

"Let's plays a game," he says. "These bullets are the darts and you're the dartboard."

He points the gun at me and shoots. The bullets hits my arm and I let out a scream. He lets out a chuckle and picks up a small silver dagger.

"That bullet went deep into your arm," he grins. "Let's see if we can get it out of you." He digs the dagger into my skin and I let out another scream. He dug around in my flesh in search of the silver bullet. The silver of the knife stung. It didn't use to hurt this much but the silver felt stronger.

"Hurts more doesn't it," he laughs.

"Concentrated silver. It burns more 10 times more for regular werewolves. But for you," he says taking the dagger out of my arm on pushed it onto my neck.

"It will hurt like it would to a regular werewolf." He dug it back into my arm and I felt him hit something. I wince as he pulls the bullet out.

"Found it," he smiles. He throws it to the ground and set the gun back on the table. "I sent Delphine on a little trip to find your mate. She'll be back soon then she can start her tests."

"No," I scream. "If anyone dares lay a hand on him, I swear I'm going to kill all of you when I get out of these god damn chains." I start to thrash around and try to pull the chains from the wall.

"Respect," he shouts at me. "I told you you have to show respect towards me that means not you don't raise your voice at me."

He lets out a growl and storms back up the stairs. I go limp and let myself hang there. I tried my best to hide my sobs but I couldn't.

I heard the door swing open again I thought Adrian was coming back again. I cursed silently in my head and muffle my cries.

I heard an arrow go off. One of Delphine's traps. It was probably a rouge that wandered in here.

"Sophia?" I heard. I look up and heard quick footsteps. I saw Jacob come across the corner.

"You can't be he-here. They'll get you," I start to stutter. He shakes his head and looks at me. He looked shocked. He reached for the chins but I quickly kicked him back.

"Don't touch them. It's concentrated silver," I told him.

"Fuck how did they get that shit," he grumbled. "How do I get you put then."

"If you break me out of hear you are calling war onto our pack," I said. He shook his head and picked up an axe.

"I'll risk my life for yours any day," he says. He swings the axe at my chain and my right arm fell limp and onto the ground. He hit the other chain and my whole body fell.

"Where's Titus?" I asked.

"You don't want to see him like this. He went crazy on the rouges. We need to get you out of here and fast. He'll be okay." He wasn't going to be okay he has no idea how what he's getting himself into.

"Delphine is after him. She's going to kill Titus," I cry. "He's not safe."

"Y-you have to listen to me right? Because I'm Luna," I ask. He nods slowly and I let out a huff.

"You grab everyone you brought and get Titus out of here. If you want someone to stay with me fine but only one person but I want you to get Titus the hell away from here," I order. I could see Jacob trying to defy my orders. He let out a grunt.

"I'm sending Nikolai to get you back and I'll get Titus out of here," he said. I let out a sigh of relief and nodded. I heard more footsteps but Jacob didn't look worried. Nikolai rounded the corner and looked at me with pity.

"Get her to the pack hospital and make sure Doctor Jenny works on her no on else," Jacob orders. Nikolai nods and helps me up.

"You don't look too good," he says giving a light chuckle while helping me climb the stairs. We get to the top and Nikolai scouts the area. I heard gunshots in the distance and a loud roar.

"Jacob I swear if you don't go now I'll kill you," I growl at him. His eyes widened and he took off. All the guards were gone. Several were dead around my prison. I guess they were all focused on killing Titus. We started walking to the border then Nikolai stops.

"There's a tripwire right there," he points. He takes a stick and pokes at it. A net fell down that reeked of wolfsbane. We reach the border but then I heard a large roar.

I pushed away from Nikolai and dashed through the forest. I heard him calling for me but I didn't listen. I wanted to get to Titus. I peaked behind a tree and saw Delphine pinning Titus down with vines just like when they took me.

She let out a giggle and took a knife from Adrian's hands. She walked up to him swinging it on her hand.

"No," I roar as I run up to Titus. A wave of power coursed through me and everyone was pushed back. I picked up the knife that she had dropped andTitus fell out of the hold of the vines.

He looked terrible. There was blood everywhere and he looked more wolf than human. It's like his wolf took over his body and he can't reel him back in.

"Who the hell do you think you are," Delphine snaps as she picks herself off of the ground. I let out a growl and threw the knife at her arm. She let out a shriek as it stuck into her arm.

"I told you if I got out of these chains I'll kill all of you for hurtling him," I growl at Adrian. He lets out a small laugh as he wipes the dirt off of him.

"How Sophia? You can't shift the only thing protecting you is Titus and he was easily held by Delphine." As he was saying this, hundreds of rouges came out looking ready for war. Their scent was terrible.

"Well you'll have to fight us then," Titus chocked our. He was fighting with his wolf for his power back. I looked behind and saw hundreds of our warriors.

"You're playing on our land Alpha. We make the rules and we know this place like the back of our hands," he says. He pulls out a syringe from his pocket and holds it up.

"Lets play a game. In this syringe, there is enough silver to kill a back of 357 werewolves. Also enough silver to kill Sophia. I've realized that I don't want her to be Luna of this pack. It'll only cause me trouble. So, whoever kills Sophia will get a reward."

Our pack stood behind Titus and I as their pack of rouges stood behind Adrian and Josh. He smiles and throws the syringe into the air.

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