Real Mature

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I would try for you

Try to make it work for you

You know I be straight up, too

Tell me if you want me

Baby, we can talk this through

Yeah, don't know why

But I never stop thinking about you, babe

Tied Up - Major Lazer

Chapter Thirteen - Real Mature

Violet's POV

"Why are you pouting?" Zain asked. I looked away from my drink to look at him. Zain was separating his orders for tonight.

"Nothing," I focused on the pills he placed in the little bags. I wanted to take one, but I promised myself I wouldn't go back to that. I wanted my life on the right track. No matter how much I told myself that I'll just take one, I knew it was a lie.

"Bullshit. You've been pouting in the corner all night. You upset about that guy?" I wouldn't lie to Zain because he was my best friend. I trusted Zain with my life.

"I can't believe he just dumped me for that bitch. He never told me that they weren't broken up. What kind of shit is that?" I chugged the rest of my drink then threw the cup in the garbage. I walked over to the table where Zain was sitting.

"Fuck him, Violet. I'd beat his ass for you, but you don't want me to. I don't like him fucking with your feelings. It's fucked up, man." Zain finished his last order then grabbed a black bag. I helped him put all the pills in the bag.

"I'll be alright. I need a bottle in my hand so hurry up."

"Chill with that shit, Violet. I shouldn't have told you about this party." Zain grabbed the bag then stood up. I grabbed my jacket and followed him up the stairs.

"I can handle myself, Zain. You don't need to be my babysitter." Zain locked the basement then turned to me. I rolled my eyes when he raised his eyebrows at me.

"Keep telling yourself that. Let's go before they start calling me. I don't want to hear it tonight," he groaned.

I usually went with Zain on his drug runs. I know I shouldn't be involved with that kind of shit, but Zain always made sure I was safe. I usually stayed in the car, but this time he was going to a party. I was not going to miss free alcohol.

Zain wanted me to be on my best behavior tonight, but I couldn't promise him that. I was ready to let loose and have fun. I wanted to forget about Carson and his ugly ass girlfriend. I deserved to have fun after the cabin.

I went on a hunt for the alcohol as Zain made his rounds around the party. I sighed when I finally found a table with loads of bottles on it. I grabbed the closest bottle and took a shot. Once I finished coughing, I took a few more shots. I shook my head when I felt a little dizzy. Maybe Zain was right, I should chill tonight.

Fuck that.

I grabbed a red cup then poured myself a drink. I turned to look at the scene of the party. Most of the people were talking and acting a fool. I smiled at a cute boy that walked past me. I wouldn't mind having some fun with him tonight. My focus turned to two people standing right outside of the living room. My blood started to boil immediately when I saw them. I knew I should've minded my business and go somewhere else, but the petty side of me wouldn't let me.

Maya laughed at something Carson said as she shoved him playfully. Carson grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. When he tried to kiss her, I lost it. I grabbed a bottle and filled it to the top. I slammed the bottle down then made my way over to them. When I walked over to them, I bumped into Maya and spilled my drink all over her.

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