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it happened on halloween.

no one noticed the ship flying through the sky.

no one noticed when it crashed.

all people knew was that tonight was supposed to be the biggest halloween party of the century.

music blasted through the streets from the jeon mansion and high schoolers in costumes too inappropriate for their own good walked down the street towards the house, laughing and having the time of their lives.

cars and trucks sped through the streets with kids sticking out of the windows and pulled up on the driveway and lawn, finding anything that would be a decent parking space.

he followed his way to the house from the music.

he had tan ash gray skin and piercing blue eyes; paler than the sky.

he stood at an impressive six foot five and caught the attention of almost every single person he passed.

smiles and the words, "cool costume" we spoken to him by almost everyone he walked by.

costume? what is the meaning of this word?

the boy pulled out his database and searched it up.

aah, almost like a disguise.

he knew about disguises, he used them on missions all the time.

he arrived at a big white house that had columns on the front and big double doors.

there had to be at least three stories to the house and the sounds of splashing from the backyard came along with strobe lights.

the alien made his way into the house and was instantly uncomfortable.

the house was flooded by people. they were everywhere.

he stiffly made his way through the house and up the stairs.

people looked at the giant that passed by them and moved out of his way, some intimidated and some in awe.

he came to a hallway where no one appeared to be and analyzed the doors.

which one should he go through.

he randomly picked the one at the end of the hall and slowly pushed open the door.

entering the room he thought he was alone until he heard the sound of a shower turning off and the door unlocking.

then standing in front of him was a kid no taller than five foot ten with brown wet hair and a towel wrapped around his waist.

then the brown haired boy screamed.

"what the hell are you doing in my room?" he yelled.

the alien was frozen.

what could he say?

"um, salutations human, my name is taehyung. what is the name you go by?"

the boy just stared at taehyung.

was this kid for real?

what do you say to that?

then he laughed.

taehyung was confused.

"wow, you really commit to your costume. uh, my name's jeongguk. are you supposed to be an alien?"

taehyung instantly panicked. how could this jeongguk see through him so clearly. what would his father do in the this situation.

kill him.

but he couldn't do that.

judging by the fact that he was showering in this house gave taehyung the idea that maybe he owned this house.

he kills him and then everything would come falling apart.

oh wait. people thought it was this "costume".

so all taehyung had to do was play along.

"y-yes. an alien."

he guessed that is what his people were called on earth.

"so how did your creepy ass manage your way into my room?"

"ass? i am not a butt."

jeongguk was confused.

what was wrong with this kid.

"have you never heard of swearing."

aah, that's what it was called.

his training never prepared him for the slang.

"no jeongguk, i just had to get away from all the people."

jeongguk went over to his dresser and stripped the towel.

woah, ass.

taehyung couldn't look away, jeongguk had an amazing butt.

obviously he wasn't shy in front of people.

he was getting dressed and as he was putting the shirt over his head said, "yeah, i understand that, i have social anxiety as well, which is ironic because i throw these huge parties. but, it makes people happy."

after he was done he sat on the bed and patted next to him.

"join me." jeongguk said.

taehyung walked over to the bed and sat down.

"wow," jeongguk said not able to look away, "i love your eyes. real or contacts?"

"um, real."

"they're amazing. so beautiful. my eyes are just shitty brown."

"no," taehyung said clutching jeongguk's face, "brown eyes are my favorite. especially with the way the sun shines through them and you see all of the hidden details inside of them. beautiful, just like you."

jeongguk kissed him.

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