✿10: fitting rooms✿

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sean gave julian a look as he took the clothes from him. he placed them in his arms carefully before following kaycee to the fitting room. the two made sure there were no workers around before slipping into a dressing room. the two stood in the small space, kaycee helping sean hang everything up on the hooks. he sat down on the small chair and leaned against the wall.

"i can leave if you want me to." he said softly. she quickly shook her head, making sean smile. "i need a guy's opinion." she lied. she really just wanted to show off these clothes to the guy she liked.

she started by taking off her shirt, carefullt folding it and setting it on the table. it left her in her shorts and a black sports bra. sean's eyes instantly fell on her chest making her blush. she slid out of her shorts, quickly trying on some extremely tight leggings. once she got them on, she looked at herself in the mirror, turning and seeing how they looked. she looked at sean who couldn't take his eyes off of her.

she was truly stunning. he literally lost his breath. like he couldn't breathe.

"wow." he managed to get out. kaycee blushed and quickly pulled the leggings off, replacing them with jeans.

they went through all of the clothes, kaycee asking for sean's opinion for every item. and every time he told her that she looked gorgeous in it, even if she didn't like it. by the end of it, julian was texting sean and telling him that they were going to h&m. sean watched as kaycee slid back into her oringinal clothes. she looked at sean, seeing him already looking at her.

"come here, kayc." he said softly, patting his leg. she gulped and walked over to him, sitting down on his lap. "i'm sorry for being a dick to you the past couple of years." her expression softened at his words.

"why the change of heart?" she whispered, cocking her head ever so slightly. he sighed, wrapping his arms around her waist. they fit together perfectly, they knew it but they didn't say anything. "i was talking with the boys. and i just felt guilty. i treated you like shit, and i'm sorry." he said. kaycee smiled softly and shrugged.

"i wasn't the nicest either. so we both have things to be sorry for." her voice was hushed, it made sean's stomach twist.

"even though i'm not going to be a douche anymore, this bet still stands." he said, pulling her body against his own. she gasped quietly, feeling sean reposition her on his leg. "can i kiss you?" he asked softly. kaycee looked at him, and nodded. his eyes went to her lips before looking back at her eyes. he leaned forward and connected their lips. kaycee instantly whimpered into his mouth, feeling sparks trying through her body. sean set his hands on her hips, starting to move her back and forth on his leg.

sean smiled into the kiss as her breathing increased. kissing her felt right, but he wouldn't tell her that. he moved her on his leg, her center being rubbed against the lace panties and the denim of her jeans.

she rode his knee slowly, trying to keep quiet. "sean," she whimpered, moving against his leg harder, adding more pressure. her jaw dropped, their lips disconnecting as started moving faster.

he watched as she came, as she bit her lip to keep her moans in. "oh god," she said quietly as she stood up from sean's grasp. he picked up the clothes that she wanted and smiled at her. she caught her breath before smiling as sean. a wild smile. she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him gently. "wait a couple seconds before leaving. i'm going to go get in line." he nodded and watched as she left, his mind continuing to race.

kaycee walked out of the dressing room area and got in line at the cashier. she watched as sean snuck out of the dressing room and walked to her. she giggled and walked up to the register, smiling at the girl.

she placed all of the clothes on the counter and let the cashier ring them up. sean walked up to her, setting his hand on her lower back as if he was claiming her. she paid for her clothes and thanked the girl. sean held the bag for kaycee and the two walked out of the store and to h&m.

"i'll never get over how hot you look when you come." he whispered in her ear. she blushed and gave him a shy smile. the two walked into the store, instantly finding their friends. "hey love birds." josh said.

kaycee smiled at sean before splitting and going to tahani and bailey. "hey guys, i just spent way too much money." she giggled and showed the girls what she got.

"i don't think that's the only thing she got." tahani said smirking. kaycee shook her head, trying to hide her rosy cheeks. "shut the hell up tani." she laughed.

sean looked over at kaycee and gave her a small smile, which she returned.

she was positive that she was going to lose this bet.


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