"What thing?" He questions, curiously.

   "Well," she waves her hand in the air, "my friend is throwing a party for himself, and my brothers want to go, so I have to be their designated driver. Which is honestly stupid, by the way. I don't understand why they just can't ask for a ride from someone else. It's not hard," she rambles on, rolling her eyes.

    Moose's eyes widen and then he smirks. "Are you inviting me to hang out with you?" He asks, slowly.

   "No, not really. But I mean, if you wanted to come, I wouldn't mind talking to you," she tells him, shrugging her shoulders. He sends her a sly look. She wants him to come.

"Sure, yeah, I'll go. You just have to text me the address," he says, acting nonchalant as he stands up. He bends over and grabs Gunter's leash. Eleanor stands up, too and takes a simple step back.

"Okay," she states, "I'll text you the address."

"Alright. You do that." He tugs the baby moose to him, making sure that the animal knows that they are getting ready to go home.

"So," she lets out a breath. "I guess I'll see you when I see you," she tells him, sending him a small wave.

"See you later," he corrects, grinning. He waves back and turns around, stepping over the hole that caused him to be stuck out here for a few hours. At least he got to see Eleanor. At least now he has something to do tonight, other than try and sleep.


   Max already knew about the party and was planning on going way before Moose even knew about it. Michelle didn't know about it when Moose told them, but she said she was just going to stay home and watch for their dad to get off work. That's her excuse to cry over her latest break up. It's okay. Moose understands. Max wouldn't have let her go anyway, mainly because Carson was going.

   Carson. Carson. For the past week, Moose has been having to drive her home at three in the morning. Why? Because Max is too scared to. It's annoying and tiring, and she's not a good talker. When she speaks, all that comes out is lustful words and flirtatious comments. He can't stand that. Maybe he should like the attention from her, but it's weird. Every time he's in the car with her, he just wants to get out. It's like being trapped in an elevator with a rabid animal. Imagine that.

   Letting out a quiet sigh, Moose makes his way down a street near Eleanor's home. Earlier, she sent him the address of her friend's house. He didn't realize how close it was, until he started driving to it. It's literally only a couple of blocks away from the forest him and El always meet each other in.

   "You can park right here," Max says from the back of Moose's car. Moose looks up in his rear view mirror, glancing at his brother with narrowed eyes. Max is sitting in the back with Carson because he didn't want her to feel left out. Maybe he should've taken his own car if he wanted to be left alone with her. Clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth, Moose pulls into a yard next to three other vehicles.

"Does this mean we're going to have to walk?" Carson suddenly asks, her voice tight as she leans over the console. Moose sends her a look.

   "We have to walk anyways," he tells her, not trying to sound mean. She stares at him, her serpent eyes flicking up and down his face. He can smell cinnamon coming from her breath, and he knows that she's too close. She frowns at him, slightly jutting her bottom lip out.

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