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    EVEN though it's eleven in the morning and Moose just got up, he's still extremely tired. Especially right now, as he slowly trudges through the woods, one hand holding onto Gunter's blue leash, the other swiping away long branches. It's taking everything in him to walk through the snow.

He has hope that something will wake him up. Be it a bird singing, a snake hissing, or a dog barking. All he wants is for his eyes to become clear and his mind to be ready for the day. It probably won't happen. Nothing unusual ever happens in these woods, and he doubts anything will today.

Taking a tired step forward, his foot suddenly twists as it goes into a hole, and he lets out a shocked yelp. Smacking hard against the snowy ground, he lets out hiss, and pulls his white covered boot out of the groundhog hole. "Of course," he mutters to himself, jerking his boot off of his sore foot.

He feels a tug at his arm and looks over at Gunter, giving the small animal a look. "I'm busy, pal. If you couldn't tell, I kind of got hurt," he states. The baby moose narrows it's eyes at him. "Don't be like that. Sometimes, things happen, Gune. I got hurt. Chill. Besides, all we were doing was just walking," he says, rubbing his foot. It sends a pain up his leg, and he winces. Gunter tugs at the leash again. Letting out an irritated sigh, Moose lets go of the leash, and the animal runs off. He'll be back. He always comes back.

   Puffing out a cold breath, Moose falls onto his back. The snow and wind is freezing, but as he lays there, staring up at the icy blue sky, the world suddenly becomes relaxing. His eyes blink tiredly, and slowly, he starts to doze off. It's quiet. And peaceful. And nice. And soon, he falls asleep, only hearing the sounds of birds chirping and the stomps against the ground from Gunter.


   Moose is awake. His eyes are just not open. He can feel the cold snow against his back and the numbness from his twisted and frozen foot. Maybe he shouldn't of fell asleep in twenty degree weather, but at least he feels more alive now.

Leisurely opening his eyes, he blinks a couple of times, trying to adjust his vision to the bright sky. It's not as cloudy as it was earlier. Sitting up, he lets out a yawn and pulls his brown boot on. His foot is a little swollen, but he knows it will go down in a while. Standing up, he stretches out his arms. It takes him a few seconds to realize that a girl is sitting on a stump, petting Gunter. She glances up at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You okay?" She asks, her soft voice sending shivers down his spine. He can tell that she doesn't actually care if he is or not.

   "Yeah. Perfectly fine. Why?" He replies, walking over to her. He sits down beside of her, causing her to move a little over. He grins, remembering that she doesn't like to be touched.

   "I don't know. When I found you, you kind of looked dead for a second, and then I saw you breathing," she tells him, her hand brushing at Gunter's fur. He glances over at her and nudges her in the side.

   "So, you stayed here and watched me sleep?" He inquires, furrowing his eyebrows. She scowls at him and shakes her head.

"No, I stayed here because Gunter wanted me to," she says, jutting out her chin. He stares at her with a small smile on his face.

"Yeah," he mutters, "of course he wanted you to stay." Eleanor chooses to ignore his last statement, but he doesn't mind it. He's done it to her before, multiple times.

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