Hey little one.

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Megan's P.O.V
I open my eyes as my head is pounding. Ouch. The light is bright. Something feels weird. There's a weird vibe going on. I open my eyes fully and sit up and rub my eyes. Jhee this headache will be the death of me. What's that? Where am I? This isn't home. This doesn't even look like earth. Or not a normal place on earth anyway. Everything's so massive. I'm sat on a big, big couch, like it's made for giants or something. There's a huge blanket wrapped around me loosely and under me. My toes feel fuzzy. There's something between my legs. A diaper? What the fuck? I'm no baby! What are these clothes? It's like I'm dressed like a child. A white T-shirt and pink overall shorts. I can hear something. I look around. Everything is so big, I feel so small. Where am I? This isn't home.

I hear a door click. Then loud footsteps and quiet talking. I can't make out what they're saying. I'm scared. My eyes well up. I curl myself into a ball. I'm too scared to move.

Tye's P.O.V
I look up as I walk down the stairs and I can see the top of her head laying against the sofa. She's awake. I smile and turn to Asher and point at her. Our little girls here. I'm so happy. I walk down confidently. She's so small. Humans really are tiny. I walk into the living room and towards the couch. She looks up at me. She has tears in her eyes. Her eyes dart between me and Asher and she moves away from us slowly as tears fall down her cheek. "Hey, Hey, it's okay. You're okay. Come here" she shakes her head no and keeps moving backwards. She's so scared bless her. I get down to her level on the couch and sit on my knees. We are considerably bigger than her. I'm 17ft tall, Asher is 15ft tall. She's roughly 5"3. I look her in the eyes. "Hey little one. I know, this is scary. You don't know where you are, who we are, or what's going on. But you have to trust me." I put my hand down on the couch and she flinches. She looks between us both, I can tell she's too scared to get her words out. Eventually she quietly mutters, "where am I?" I look at her and smile gently and say "this is your new home babygirl". She doesn't say anything but I can see she's thinking about it. So obedient. She's going to be easy to turn into our little. "Why am I dressed like this? Why is everything so big?" She says with concern. "Well, you're dressed like this because you're our baby now, forever, and everything is so big because this isn't like your home, but that's something you'll learn soon enough" I stand up and tower over her, I wipe her tear from her warm rosy cheek with my thumb, she closes her eyes and pouts and sniffles with short breaths. She's adorable.

I pull the blanket slowly from ontop of her and I can see her whole body. She really does look like a baby compared to us. She's scrunched herself up into a ball. Her knees pressed into the couch and her elbows against her belly and her leaned up against the corner of the couch. I reach my arms out and put my hands under her armpits and lift her up. She feels so light. I sit her on my hip and her dry diaper presses between her legs. The top of her head reaches not the top of my shoulder, just a bit underneath. She is so scared. I almost feel bad. Asher stands behind her next to my hip and runs his hand down her blonde highlighted hair. She still has tears in her eyes and under them. I look down at her as she stares silently into my T-shirt against my chest, trying not to cry more than she already is. I admire her for a bit and them look up at Asher. I smile at him and he smiles back. He's just as happy as I am.

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