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When I woke up I saw Shawn was next to me. I smiled and shooke of my covors. I plodded into the bath room glancing at the time on my way out the door. It was 2:00 am. Since my phone had no messages I was betting Shawn had called my dad and told himvi was sleeping over. I went sown the hall to vio's room. I crawled into te bed me and her had stvupfor me, because I was over so often. she rolled over and sleepily said


"no vi it's me massie." she seemed to nod in and fell back into her deep sleep.

"rise and shine and give god your glory glory rise and shine and give god your"

"Shawn shut the f up" vio sadi as Shawn came into the room singing. He sat down next to me and I rolled over and put my head in his lap. He slwly bent down And kissed me.

"no school today?" I asked

"duh it's Saturday. How are you feeling?" vio said. Shawn stated he thought I had a fever and turned out he was right. All day me him an vio watched movie after movie and played as many games as we could think if. We even got some home work done.

¥and that's where I'm going. HOMEWORK¥

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